Aquarium setup: all the information

Aquarium setup: all the information

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L'setting up an aquarium it is not an operation to be completed overnight. For set up an aquarium it is necessary to carry out a good design with a plan that can allow you to ensure the ideal habitat for the living organisms you are going to host.

L'aquarium it is nothing more than a tank that recreates the ideal habitat for fish, molluscs, plants and other living organisms. L'setting up an aquarium in itself it is not an operation that will take you a lot of time: if you buy a aquarium ready to use it will only take you a few minutes to make it operational (although you will have to wait a few days before you can add the fish), but if you decide to design an aquarium yourself, I recommend that you follow the instructions in the articleHow to build an aquarium.

Much more difficult is the preliminary phase: are you really sure you are ready to manage an aquarium? Once the initial enthusiasm has passed, will you be able to take long-term care of your fish? In phase ofpreparationin addition, you will need to be sure that you have all the equipment, space and tools to better manage the aquarium.

If you want set up an aquarium with an old tank, make sure it has no leaks: take the tank and place it on old newspaper sheets, fill it and if at the end of the day the newspaper sheets are still dry, your old aquarium is still intact and ready for use. Do this even if you bought a used aquarium. If you are restoring an old aquarium, make sure you clean it as best as possible, my guide may come in handyProper cleaning of an aquarium.

The aquarium as a piece of furniture

More and more people are choosing toset up an aquariumcombining their propensity for natural environments with the need to furnish the home with style. In this context, ready-to-use aquariums are ideal, especially because some manufacturers have sensed this trend and offer aquariums characterized by a simple but strong design.

I advise you to avoid purchasing designer tubs which are then lacking in lighting, filters or systems for intelligent wire management. To heat the water, you can buy an aquarium with an integrated heater or take this accessory aside: the heater price is proportional to the water capacity of the aquarium, for a 60 liter tank the cost will be less than 20 euros. As for the filter, if your purpose is toset up an aquariumto furnish your home, you should choose a bathtub with an integrated filter that already has a predisposition to better manage the external wires.

Amongready-to-use aquariumswith a high aesthetic value, I point out those of the Askoll range. These products are not created to furnish the home but to ensure maximum comfort for the animals they will host, however some models are very beautiful:

  • - 94 liter Pure White XL aquarium, this is the aquarium pictured above. Also available in the 68-liter version and in the smaller 44-liter version (black color), from 166 euros complete with lights, filter, heater, timer, smart lights that warn you when it's time to replace something ... and smart manager of threads.
  • - 90-liter Ambient Aquarium, for those who want maximum practicality, here is a complete and ready-to-use aquarium offered at the promotional price of 129 euros.

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