Saving electricity in the house

Saving electricity in the house

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Saving electricity in the house: tricks to ensure constant electricity savings. From useful appliances to tips for consuming less electricity.

According to the data released byAeneas, an average Italian family could save energy in the house both on the appliance front and in terms of savings on heating.

In particular, theAeneasreports a 10% saving on the use of household appliances and a 40% saving on heating without making any sacrifices or replacing the appliances. How to cut energy bills by 50%? Simply by using resources more efficiently.

Saving on light:low consumption lighting

You can startsave electricity in the housestarting from lighting. In Italy, the share of electricity intended for domestic lighting exceeds 6 billion kWh. The expense required to cover the costs of lighting corresponds to approximately 13.5% of the total consumption of electricity in the residential sector.

Check the bulbs you have in your house, maybe you will notice that some are still incandescent. How to recognize old incandescent bulbs? Observe them carefully. These bulbs carry an internal filament that heats up thanks to the electric current (joule effect). Heating triggers the phenomenon of incandescence thanks to which it lights up the house.

Incandescent bulbs don't help you consume less electricity, certainly have the advantage of being cheap but the savings at the time of purchase translates into an additional burden on the electricity bill.

Replace your home bulbs with LED bulbs. LED lamps last much longer and consume up to 75% less than traditional bulbs.

How to save electricity: appliances

A bigger burden than lighting is represented by household appliances. The consuming appliances More are those that produce heat: water heater, electric oven, dishwasher, washing machine… For save electricity in the houseyou will have to take the first useful opportunity to replace older appliances with more efficient appliances of energy class A + or A +++.

Savings of 10 euros on each electricity bill

If you don't want to face this expense, be sure to turn off the appliances when you are not using them, get used to using a timer and power strips with on / off switch. Did you know it too standby does it weigh in the bill? Every month you spend around 5 euros more because of the standby. This means that in bimonthly bills, 10 euros are related toconsumption“Invisible” caused by appliances on standby.

TV, stereo system, DVD player… and all domestic appliances that have a colored light on are not off but in stand-by. Appliances on standby continue to consume energy even when you are not using them and you think they are off.

Appliance maintenance:electrical dispersions

Make sure you respect the good maintenance of appliances and above all, check that there are no electrical leaks in the house.

Check your electrical outlets, these shouldn't be too hot, plus if your bill starts getting high when your habits haven't changed, something is wrong! Certainly there will be electrical dispersionsTo detect the presence of electricity leaks, please read the guide dedicated to electrical leaks.

The appliances you have in your house must not produce any hum. If you have a noisy refrigerator, consult a technician who will certainly have a negative impact on your Enel or Sorgenia bill.

Electricity saving devices:the miraculous appliances

Be wary of various devices for save electricity sold mainly on the web, perhaps accompanied by testimonies of dubious origin.

These devices boast of achieving a drop in consumption but their effectiveness is not proven at all, indeed the uselessness of these devices is a known fact. Surround yourself with appliances with high energy classes and learn how to use electrical appliances in the time slots of greatest savings.

If you really want adevicecapable of making yousave electricity, choose a consumption meter that will make you understand which appliance you have in your home absorbs too much electricity

Record the consumption of household appliances

For targeted savings, check which ones are appliances that consume more. As? With an economical consumption meter.

Nothing complicated, you don't have to access the meter but the electrical sockets of the house. An electric current meter looks like a simple adapter to which you are going to plug the appliance of your interest.

A decent consumption meter can be bought on Amazon at a price of 19.06 euros (with shipping costs included in the price). For all the info we refer you to the official page: Electricity consumption meter.

The device just indicated is very economical but does not allow you to accurately record theabsorption of electricityof low energy consumption appliances. What do you need a better appliance for? Only if you want to measure the consumption of appliances in standby, light bulbs or other low absorption appliances. Only in this case you need a more accurate meter.

Among the various models on the market, the one with the best value for money can be bought with 29.99 euros (free shipping costs). For all information on the product, I refer you to the official Amazon page:RCE PM600 precision meter, the meter is able to record the absorption of even tenths of a watt (lamps, TV in stand by, decoder, microwave in stand by ...).

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