What to bring on Trekking

What to bring on Trekking

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What to bring on Trekking: what do you need for trekking? Here are all the tips on what to put in your trekking backpack to face any excursion prepared, from the sea to the mountains.

From a path trekking along the paths of theAmalfi Coast, up to the wildest path to reach theCirce peak, in the Circeo National Park, from the fog of Mount Fuji to the snow of South Tyrol ... no matter what the path istrekkingwaiting for you, some things to bring along the way they remain the same.

It may seem obvious but the first what you need for trekking are the right shoes. The shoes from trekking they must be chosen according to the season in which this activity is practiced and the type of path to be traveled. Along with your hiking shoes, bring a spare pair of socks.

Trekking shoes are characterized by a rise at the level of the ankles. If you are planning a walking holiday with lots of urban trekking, a pair of well-cushioned sneakers will suffice but if you are going to grind kilometers and kilometers of uneven paths, you need a pair of shoes capable of giving more stability to your every step, ankles included.

When choosing the size of your hiking shoes, remember that walking the foot warms up (even if the weather is cold!), A very hot foot can easily turn into a swollen foot, and swollen feet need a little more space . In short, don't choose a tight fit, but one that fits you comfortably. Waterproof and breathable shoes are the top!

All useful information can be found at:tips for choosing trekking shoes.

What do you need for trekking? A way to carry water with ease! In the collective imagination, a bottle to hang on the end of the trekking backpack is enough to quench one's thirst, but ... during a day's walk it is easy to understand that that bottle is not enough! Of course, depending on the route, an ultra-light bottle to be fixed to the trekking backpack with a carabiner could also be enough but for long journeys it is better to organize yourself with a Platypus or CamelBak type water system that allow you to drink without occupying your hands. These are water tanks to keep in the trekking backpack but you won't have to stop and rummage to drink.

If you suffer from low blood pressure and are about to tackle a trekking route in the height of summer, add mineral salt supplements to the water and consult your doctor before setting out.

Summer or winter, sea or mountains, unless there is fog, it is good to protect your face with sunscreen. On the market there are practical tubes of a few ml to add to the trekking backpack.

Othermust haveintrekking backpackit's a Map. Whether it's the map taken from a brochure or a virtual map on your smartphone, better be prepared. Keep in mind that you may also get lost…! A GPS could be even more useful. If your GPS is also your smartphone, remember to bring an extra battery (or see how to charge your mobile on the campsite) and also a protective cover.

For long distances, be prepared for the eventuality of having to deal with blisters on your feet. Eh ... if you really are of those who want to break them, bring with you a sterile needle and a dressing. I solved it with Compeed Patches.

A repellent spray is only necessary if you are going to hike where malaria or sleeping sickness is endemic, however if you just can't live with tiny insects, add it to the list of things to pack.

A hat is essential, just as snacks are needed! Complex carbohydrates are ideal for providing energy during a long trek, energy bars that combine oats, seeds and dried fruit can be useful.

It is an embarrassing topic to address, but if you have to walk for hours away from civilization and in pristine environments ... you will not find a public toilet. Remember to bring toilet paper and wet hand wipes with you. The bug spray could also come in handy in this circumstance.

What to bring on trekking? Undoubtedly also a torch and if you have to walk a steep path, some trekking poles will come in handy. Avoid taking them if the route is flat.

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