Best dry food for dogs: how to choose

Best dry food for dogs: how to choose

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Best dry food for dogs: if already many are the favorites, croquettes, in general, in the dispute between dry food and wet food, to feed your four-legged companion, you can also choose the best of the best. So the best dog food.

For us masters, let's face it, compared to wet food, packaged or homemade, ai da te, le croquettes they are much more practical. In addition to being often preferred for theirs nutritional profile complete compared to canned morsels which often have more fat and fewer vitamins at a percentage level.

The best dog food they are also easy to dose, they keep easier and longer, they cost much less and to serve them "in the bowl" it is not necessary to add anything else, neither other liquid nor a food supplement. Finally, compared to wet food, the best dog food they also have the advantage of strengthening and cleaning the teeth of the animals during the meal.

If you want to compare label to label wet and dry food, it should be considered that even the best dog food they have an average of 10-12% humidity compared to 75% of water that is in the humid. To compare the "dry quantity" of proteins, the one present in wet food must be obtained by "drying" the doses with a short calculation.

If a hypothetical can contains 12% of proteins and has 75% water, dividing 12% by 25% solid food yields 48% protein. The value of 25% in the denominator is used to consider only the dry matter that remains after removing the 75% water percentage.

Best dry food for dogs: how to choose

The criteria for selecting the best dog food it is necessary to take into account several factors, the most significant being theage of the animal, the size, the breed. It starts from the age of the dog and already best dog food They are divided into "Puppy", "regular", "premium" and "light". It is quite easy to understand who each of these categories is aimed at.

The first is for puppies, rich in calcium, because the best dog food assist young dogs in their bone development. The "regular" range is that of adult dogs that do normal physical activity, obviously to be evaluated from breed to breed without pretending that a pug and a labrador retriever move at the same pace.

Here, the "premium" category is more suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs, or for those dogs that have intense physical activity, on the contrary for sedentary dogs, as well as for older dogs, there are best dog food in "light" version.

To locate the best dog food it is necessary to look after the size. The fragments must have the appropriate size for our dog's jaws: if they are too large they can annoy him or force him to chew too much making strange faces and curious acrobatics. Of course "Best dry food for dogs" then! Even too small is not good because the dog could swallow them risking choking or having digestive problems.

Best dog food: what to watch

Having said all this, we can choose the best dog food on our own, even if it is always better to ask for advice, without obligation, to our veterinarian, who moreover knows better the health of the dog and knows if it is in particular physiological conditions (intolerances, etc.) that require the better than the best dog food, even.

So let's listen to the veterinarian, rather, but never the advertising nor the beautiful appearance of the packaging. If you really are an aesthetes and you can't resist the idea of ​​wanting to wear best dog food in the best possible container, here is the one for you. Clean and clear style, which recalls hygiene and freshness, this croquettes holder also has a vintage tip that drives me crazy.

The only thing to look at in the packaging, indeed you have to look at it, is there'label. Better if it is flanked by the "Gold seal", seal that certifies that it is an American approved food AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). This reassurance also applies in Europe, the guarantee for the consumer is compared to nutritional requirements base for the type of animal you claim to be suitable for, such as food.

Best dry food for dogs: how to read the label

For the rest, the ingredients are searched for on the label because, if it is true that dogs are omnivores and can eat both meat, cereals and vegetables, it is also true that best dog food they must have meat as their main ingredient. And not "the meat" but terms such as "chicken" or "beef", very different from references such as "meat product" or "meat meal".

When it comes to the best dog food, those that you would also recommend to your best four-legged friend and your best friend's dog, the main ingredient must not be "cereals", and even less "vegetables or tubers". It is not a question of poisoning, no, but if there are no precise reasons for the animal to gorge on cereals, meat must prevail because it is simply more assimilable by the canine organism.

Meat, we have said, but there are also types based on fish among the best dog food. It then depends on the individual animal, maybe he is crazy about it, maybe he runs away from the bowl as soon as he smells the "strong" smell: it's a bet, don't buy too much, try if you like it, better, because the fish that's fine and that's fine. If your dog doesn't love him, get over it and don't torture him, he won't give in.

Best dry food for dogs: how to dose them
Usually, if it's actually the best dog food, on the packages there are indications on the optimal quantity to serve of each nutritional element based on the ideal weight of the animal. Although perhaps reliable, it should be understood as a guideline, because each of us, helped by the vet, it is good that he knows or verifies what the dog really needs, behaving accordingly.

Dose after dose, you get rid of boxes and boxes, but you need to carefully store them too best dog food so as not to let them "ruined" by time and contact with the air. You can keep the original bag closed in a airtight container made of plastic or metal, certainly in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard or pantry.

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