How to cut a glass bottle

How to cut a glass bottle

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How to cut a glass bottle: the instructions for DIY cutting a glass bottle, from the acetone method to the candle method. All the do-it-yourself solutions for cut glass bottles in the house

The glass bottles they are wonderful containers, however, they can only collect what can pass through the entrance hole ... For this reason, many may need cut off the neck of the bottle or break a bottle halfway to make glasses, vases and other DIY containers.

Even if they are differentdo-it-yourself, the basic principle is the same and you just need to brush up on some notion of science learned at the time of elementary or middle school to understand the mechanism behind thisfracture.

Glass is a bad conductor of heat and if we add the fact that by administering heat to a body it will tend to expand while subtracting heat from the system it will tend to contract, we have solved the enigma. Metals are excellent conductors of heat, so they can expand and count without breaking, on the contrary, glass cannot handle changes that quickly and will tend to crack.

How to cut a glass bottle with acetone

For this DIY job you will need:

  • glass bottle
  • Coarse and fine-grained sandpaper or files
  • Acetone or ethyl alcohol
  • Glass cutter
  • Basin full of cold water and ice
  • Heat source (candle, lighter ..)
  • String

How to cut a glass bottle with a glass cutter

If you do not have a glass cutter at home, do not expect to have to face large expenses: a glass cutter costs about 8 - 12 euros and can be found in any hardware store, in DIY and DIY stores or on Amazon where a Professional glass cutter with tungsten carbide oil is offered for € 9.39 with free shipping. I bought the classic steel glass cutter with diamond tip a few years ago from Ikea on offer for 4.99 euros! In short, it is a product that is easy to find and also very cheap.

To DIY cut the glass bottle, in addition to the glass cutter you will need:

  • glass bottle to be cut
  • candle
  • cold water

The process is shown in the video below.


Before trying to cut any glass object, including bottles, take some preliminary safety measures. Remove any paper labels from the bottle and put on a pair of protective goggles.

How to cut glass bottles with a bottle cutter

On the market there are special tools born for cut glass bottles precisely. If in the previous DIYs the accuracy of the cut depends only on your hand (and you need to have a steady hand to draw the circumference of the bottle with the glass cutter!), with the bottle cutters there will be avicead hoc.

These tools were created to facilitate the creative recycling of glass bottles which in doing so can become vases, candle holders, chandeliers, saucers, solar collectors and much more. To use the bottle cutter, simply place the bottle on the appropriate support and rotate it by applying light pressure. Again you will need to procure onethermal shockat the incision to cause a clear fracture. The bottle cutters are not easy to find on the market but it is possible to buy them with the web sale: on Amazon, the tool to cut glass bottles is offered at a price of € 30.99 with free shipping.

Whatever DIY you choose, be sure to operate in complete safety and remember to pass the abrasive paper over the surface of the cut glass so as to smooth it and make it less sharp.

Video: DIY: GLASS BEER BOTTLE vs GAS TORCH!!! (July 2022).


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