Aphthae, natural remedies

Aphthae, natural remedies

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Aphthae, natural and non-natural remedies. All information on cures, causes and natural remedies to heal from canker sores or aphthous stomatitis.

Aphthous stomatitis, better known as canker sores, is an ulcer mysteriousof the mouth which affects 10% of the world population. I say "mysterious" because his are not fully knowncauses: the assumptions are more varied, from stress to friction, from genetics that see an inadequate immune response to physical fatigue.

We will evaluate together thecauses of canker soresin the next paragraph. The initial symptoms of thecanker soresthey see a burning or tingling sensation on the site where the ulcer is forming. Within a few days of the first signs, a red area or a bubble will develop which, upon opening, will give life tocanker sores.

The aphtha appears as a round or oval shaped opening, yellowish-white in color, surrounded by a red and inflamed ring. In most cases, thecanker soresit has a size of about 3-4 mm but can also exceed one cm in diameter. The classic yellow-white color ofcanker soresit is dictated by the production of fibrin, a protein involved in blood coagulation processes.

Aphthae - Causes

As stated, thecausesare the most varied. The fact that canker sores can affect children and adolescents more likely suggests a correlation with oral hygiene, however, this would not be the cause but only an increase in the risk of ulcer formation.

There cause exact of canker sores is unknown, the most accredited theory sees adisorder of the human microbiotaassociated with immune problems. As stated, to increase the risk of contracting thecanker soresit is the contact of the oral mucosa with dirty objects (biting pencils, pens…) and the lip contact with pets. Other triggers can be physical and mental fatigue, stress and some diseases. Wounds caused by accidentally biting the oral mucosa can also give birth tocanker sores. Otherscauseshypothesized see deficiency of iron or folic acid, vitamin B2 and hormonal changes also related to menstruation

Aphthae - Natural Remedies


Since the causes are not clear, we cannot discard any of those listed, not even the hypothesis of food shortages. Make sure you are getting enough folic acid and B vitamins by ingesting foods such as pomegranate, pea peels, red meat, kefir, do not hesitate to consult an expert nutritionist to evaluate together the best diet for your needs.

Peppermint essential oil

Mint essential oil has good astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties (thus reducing the possibility of infections). On the one hand it helps to heal the wound and on the other it relieves inflammation by carrying out a preventive action against potential infections. To learn about all the properties of mint essential oil and to know where to buy it and how much it costs, we refer you to the page"Peppermint essential oil". Attention, peppermint essential oil should not be put directly on canker soresbut it must first be diluted: just a few drops in a tablespoon of olive oil, shake well before use.

Chamomile and sage

Chamomile has been shown to have, in addition to the classic digestive properties, moderate antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that could facilitate the healing ofcanker sores. An ancient care, in fact, it consists in placing a chamomile pack directly on the ulcer. In the absence of dried chamomile (to be placed in a gauze) you can use a sachet of chamomile. Just wet the chamomile sachet in fresh water and then place it oncanker soresto be treated.

Like chamomile, sage was also an ancient homeopathic remedy for treatingcanker sores.

Coconut oil

The exceptional properties of coconut oil are also useful when it comes to treating canker sores. Just grease a gauze with coconut oil and apply it to the wound. For all the information on the properties and where to buy coconut oil, I point out the page:Coconut oil - properties.

Raw honey and beeswax

Between grandmother's remedies for canker sores we point out the raw honey, preferably of biological origin. Honey has mild antibacterial properties and, when spread on the mucous membranes, it has a slight soothing effect. Apply a small amount of raw honey directly to the ulcer.

If aphthous stomatitis is located on the tongue or gums in direct proximity to the teeth, healing may be slower due to continued friction. If the sore constantly rubs on your teeth, you can make a protection with beeswax and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Just blend these two elements together and let the compound to be applied cool when it is solid but still malleable.

Aphthae - Remedies

In addition to the natural remedies as soon as they are exposed, it is possible to make use of ad hoc drugs and aids. This is the case of the patch created to treat canker sores and small wounds in the mouth. It is a protective liquid patch to be applied directly to the ulcer with a plastic applicator designed for use. Although it is called "liquid patch", it is a real drug: in addition to promoting healing, it has a soothing action and relieves pain. The liquid anti-canker sores can be purchased in the most well-stocked pharmacies or through the web shop: on Amazon, a pack of liquid anti-ulcer patches is offered at a price of 19.90 including shipping costs.

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