Dwarf rabbit: characteristics and price

Dwarf rabbit: characteristics and price

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Dwarf rabbit, technically said Oryctolagus cuniculus, belongs to the order of Logomorphs and it is a very sweet and docile animal that lives on average from 4 to 7 years. The character is accommodating but its shape is also rounded and collected. It is soft and does not cost much, its price is a few tens of euros even if it depends on the breed.

Dwarf rabbit: appearance

The dwarf rabbit evidently, it is a small animal, very manageable at home. It has a fine hair that can vary in color and length depending on the breed, the eyes are lively and round, usually red if the fur is white.

In general the dwarf rabbit sees better in low light and far away, has the small tail and the short and slender legs, the very developed incisors. To distinguish a male dwarf rabbit from a female specimen it is necessary to observe the distance between the genital organ and the anus. In the case of the male the distance is double.

Dwarf rabbit: character

He easily becomes attached to man, the dwarf rabbit: it is an animal that cannot but conquer. He is good, very docile, loves to play and be in company. The dwarf rabbit he also likes to snoop around the house, if you let him wander, he is nice and quite expansive, but he can also appear shy and hesitant. He is not cheeky and always has a way of doing that, humanized, one would say to be kind.

If he has no problem with humans, the dwarf rabbit it is not manageable if two males live together. You can keep more females instead, without particular worries, while a male dwarf rabbit and a female could always mate, therefore, cohabitation yes, but better be careful of too much promiscuity. The two males end up arguing, almost 100%.

Dwarf rabbit: care

The teeth of the dwarf rabbit, the incisors with continuous growth in particular, require attention: you have to keep them regulated by letting it gnaw here and there, possibly not the electric cables, nor furniture and plants. The dwarf rabbit it is also an animal that must be interpreted, it is often afraid.

If it is drumming with its hind legs it means that it is about to flee, it is an alarm signal. Even ears flattened back are not an element of serenity: the dwarf rabbit he keeps them like this if he fears a possible aggression, when he is calm on the contrary, he gives tender licks.

Dwarf rabbit: cage

For those who decide to take a dwarf rabbit, the cage is an important element. It usually develops in width and the ideal measures for a "single suite" are 40cm x 60cm. Warning: the bars must be made of iron, to prevent them from coming nibble, and the plastic bottom, covered with a layer of sawdust.

To make ours feel protecteddwarf rabbits you can insert a small house, a shelter, then you also need some bowls and a "bottle" drinking trough to prevent the water from getting dirty. We talked about teeth to be kept adjusted and for this there are gods sticks to be inserted as furniture.

Dwarf rabbits: feeding

The dwarf rabbit it is predominantly an animal herbivore, it can be fed using special packs of hay integrated with mixed seeds: a spoon a day. Without exaggerating. To complete the diet, from time to time fruit and vegetables (apple, lettuce, pear, carrot, clover, etc.) can enter the dish of the dwarf rabbit but never too often because they can cause diarrhea.To be avoided without any mistakes, sweets, candies and biscuits.

The dwarf rabbit it tends to gain weight easily, so the only thing you can overdo is hay. A few cubes of mineral salts that are for sale, can be placed in the cage and are very comfortable and suitable for a healthy dwarf rabbit, as well as for polyvitamin to be dissolved in water weekly.

Dwarf rabbit: price

The price ofdwarf rabbits it depends mainly on the breed but in general it can range from 20 to 50 euros. For a specimen of "Lion's head" it takes a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 35 euros. This dwarf rabbit it is named for its particular mane that makes it look like a miniature lion. It is a very docile breed but it needs a adaptation period, then it turns out to be an excellent companion animal.

Another very popular breed, perhaps the most requested, is that of dwarf rabbit ram, available for about 30 euros. This dwarf rabbit it is suitable for apartment living and requires no special care, just a rather large cage in a quiet place, away from air and damp. Then there are other breeds ofdwarf rabbits,for example the angora, so called for the long and soft hair.

Dwarf rabbits: breeds

In addition to dwarf rabbit lion head and ram head, there are also the dwarf angora rabbit and the Chinchilla. The first has a very long coat, up to 8 cm, so that it looks like a ball of yarn. He has a very affectionate character and manages to establish very strong emotional ties with his owner for life which, in his case, reaches a maximum of 10 years. A lively and cheerful character it is instead the distinctive feature of Chinchilla, with the Chinchilla cloak, the real one, and a great desire to live.

Dwarf rabbit: adoption

Price aside, there is the possibility of adopting dwarf rabbits, to understand how it is enough to contact the many associations of amateur and passionate breeders who often give space to bulletin boards with announcements of puppies already sterilized and tamed. As a gift.

The internet is a good way to search dwarf rabbits as a gift but it is always necessary to check who is selling it to us and who is the animal we are taking into the house. There are many blogs and sites on thedwarf rabbit, to be adopted even if it has been abandoned. Or with too many brothers so much so that there is no room for one master.

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