Pomegranate cultivation, advice and info

Pomegranate cultivation, advice and info

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How to grow pomegranate: advice oncultivation of pomegranateand information on the uses of this delicious fruit.

Therecultivation of pomegranateit can be started for ornamental purposes in gardens or in pots (some dwarf varieties are well suited for cultivation in pots) or to exploit the exceptional properties of the fruit, botanically definedbalustrade. The properties of the pomegranate are many and not all related to the fruit.

While the fruit is valued for its nutritional properties, other parts of thepomegranate(Punica granatum) are used for the preparation of decoctions, compresses, ointments ... Different parts of the Punica granatum are used, roots and barks are also widely used in the cosmetic sector while a refreshing for the gums is obtained from the petals.

Pomegranate seeds are rich in vitamin C and have diuretic properties. Pomegranate juice and the very popular grenadine are obtained from the seeds. Equally tasty are the pomegranate jams.

Cultivation of Pomegranate

Growing pomegranate is not difficult at all, this plant adapts to different types of soil but prefers loose and deep ones. Who wantsgrow pomegranate in potshe will have to pay attention to the choice of the starting plants and he will have to choose a dwarf variety, perfect to grow on the terrace.

Both dwarf varieties and garden varieties hate water stagnation (the plant risks serious damage if stagnation is prolonged) and tolerate drought only for short periods. The irrigation of thepomegranateit should not be frequent: in winter and autumn you can avoid irrigating while in summer it will be enough to water the pomegranate every 10 days, based on the climatic trend of the season.

Balustrades (fruits) ripen in autumn and summer irrigations are fundamental in determining the quality and quantity of fruits. Startgrow pomegranatestarting from the seed is not recommended because you would be forced to wait several years before being able to collect the first fruit. However, whoever wantsgrow pomegranatestarting from the seed you can put 3 seeds in each pot and transfer the plants into the ground only when they are sufficiently developed.

You can go to yoursgarden centerof trust to buy plants already developed. Avoid buying plants that already have fruit that could suffer the stress of transplanting.When to grow pomegranate? The best period for planting varies according to the geographical area of ​​belonging: those who live in the south and in the center can plant pomegranates from autumn until the end of winter. Those who live in the North should wait for the spring period, when the frosts are now far away.

For the planting of the cutting you will have to dig a hole a little larger than the clod of earth that accompanies the plant you have purchased.

Thepomegranateit doesn't need manycarebut it will be necessary to prune especially during the first three years of life. The pruning of the pomegranate is not very complex: in winter, just eliminate the branches that grow at the foot of the plant and those that grow too far below the scaffolding of the branches. Thepomegranate pruningtheir main purpose is to thin out the branches to allow for good aeration. The terminal area of ​​the branches should not be cut: this is where the flowers and then the fruits will develop. When to prune pomegranate? The best time is from January to March.

For planting, choose an area well exposed to the sun.

In the photo above, a section of the pomegranate fruit
In the central photo, a street vendor prepares pomegranate juice in the streets of Turkey

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