Beeswax, uses and information

Beeswax, uses and information

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Beeswax: what it is for, its properties and uses in cosmetics and the food industry. Info on virgin and natural beeswax.

There Beeswax it is produced by the activity of the Apis mellifera species, in particular by the so-called beesworkers. Honey bees use theBeeswaxto build the cells of thehoneycomb where the larvae are grown and honey deposited. In nature, the color of beeswax varies from white to brownish based on purity.

Virgin beeswax

ThereBeeswaxit can have a different color depending on the purity and the type of flower harvested from bees; generally, theBeeswaxwhich forms brood honeycombs tends to be more brownish because it is richer in impurities. Therevirgin beeswax it is obtained from the deposits of honeycombs. Therebeeswaxit does not undergo any treatment: it is obtained by simply melting it with hot water, it maintains a slight aromatic odor and is malleable if exposed to the summer sun or if heated with the warmth of the hands.

Where to buy beeswax

The ideal would be to buy the Beeswaxwith a small beekeeper; there Beeswaxpurchased directly from beekeepers, it could have different degrees of purity but it would undoubtedly be a natural beeswax. There are many beeswaxes on the market but according to the opinions of users who have tried it, they do not keep intact the typical aroma of Beeswax. The only product that has given positive experiences is this "100% Natural Beeswax", the price is about 15 euros for half a kg of product.

What is beeswax used for?

In the home and do it yourselfBeeswaxit can be used to make candles, to lubricate drawers and windows, to polish wood and floors, to paint with natural bases and in cosmetics for the preparation of creams, lotions, lipsticks and deodorants.

In the preparation of creams and beauty products, theBeeswaxit is softened by dilution with other vegetable oils. For example, in the recipe of theDIY deodorant for men and women, theBeeswaxit has been diluted with coconut oil and shea butter.

Therebeeswax in cosmeticsassumes considerable importance because it can be used as a thickener, density corrector and stabilizer of emulsions. The use of theBeeswaxin cosmeticsis on the rise, thanks to hisproperty: a German study found that theBeeswaxit can be far superior to the classic mineral oils used in cosmetics today. Mineral oils are obtained from petroleum refining and are found in most beauty products, to learn more:harmful ingredients in cosmetics.

Incosmetics, theBeeswaxIt can be used as a fundamental constituent of lip balm, lip gloss, hand cream, moisturizing body creams and in the preparation of eye shadows, blush, eye liner and mascara.

Dissolved in turpentine, theBeeswaxgives life to a product for polishing furniture.

There Beeswaxit is also widely used in the food industry. ThereBeeswaxit is used as a food additive and is marked on the label with the initialsE901, its function is to stabilize the product and prevent water loss. Therebeeswaxit is also used to make casings suitable for holding cheese or as a surface cover for fruit (sometimes paraffin is even used to make the fruit more shiny and beautiful!).

Beeswax candles

Thecandles with beeswaxthey are appreciated for several reasons: they burn cleanly, they do not dirty as the typical dripping along the external surfaces of the candle is absent: the beeswax burns almost evenly and without smudging. The smoke is hardly visible.

All instructions to do candele with natural beeswax are described on the page entitledHow to make scented candles. As an alternative toBeeswax, to do thecandles in the houseit is possible to take advantage of natural soy wax.

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