How to split wood

How to split wood

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How to split wood: instructions for cutting wood logs correctly. From the use of the ax (or accept) to the position of the trunk to be cut.

The hardest ones tobreakthey are large trunks rich in knots. When the wood isvery hardthere are some danger possibilities that must be considered: the hatchet can get stuck in the log to be cut, movements become difficult and the risk of injury rises.

To light the fireplace or power our wood stove, we need small pieces of wood. When the firewood is well seasoned there are fewer difficulties in cutting unless it is olive wood, very rich in knots, very hard and more difficult to split. Who performs thewood cuttingwith the chainsaw you may find the safety rules indicated in the article usefulHow to use the chainsaw, on this page we will seelike splitting woodwith the hatchet and not with the chainsaw.

How to split wood

The right equipment: splitting ax, perfect for cutting

The cheapest tool for cutting logs into small pieces is the long hatchet (or ax). This tool has a steel blade mounted on a wooden or plastic handle.

Make sure you use a well-sharpened and manageable ax: the best hatchets have a longer handle because the handle acts as a lever, the longer the handle, the more the user can raise the blade more, giving more power to the thrust of the cut.

To better understand the tool we are talking about, we will show you an excellent example of a log splitter hatch, referring to the official page of the Fiskars splitting ax. A cheaper but equally valid model is the Gardena Wood Splitting Ax. Both models have an anti-slip and anti-vibration handle and, in both cases, you have to go over the edge of the blade (sharpening) frequently.

Whenever you use the long hatchet, be sure to wear protective gloves and safety shoes. Drive away other users who are buzzing around you as they may be hit by wood fragments. Wear a mask to protect your eyes from the same fragments.

How to cut wood with an ax or manual splitter

In practice, all you have to do is arrange the log to be split vertically (standing). The log to be split must be placed on a solid and flat base, raised above the ground. The ideal base is a well planted trunk with a diameter at least twice as large as the piece of wood to be cut.

If you place the log to be split on a stone or metal base, know that with each split you will damage the blade of your ax, so avoid it.

Once the log has been positioned, raise the hatchet blade as much as possible and then lower it towards the trunk, adding a pinch of speed to the thrust given by the force of gravity. Only starting from above will the blow be powerful enough not to require the use of the muscle strength of those who perform the cut. By bringing the ax to the right height, even a slender woman can be able to split wood with some ease.

When the ax (or hatchet) gets stuck in the wood to be cut

As stated, when the wood ishard, that is, full of knots and large in diameter, it is not uncommon to see the ax get stuck in the wood. This circumstance also occurs when the shot was not planted well.

When the splitting ax gets stuck in the log, you must remove it as follows:

  • using muscle strength, raise the ax again with all the log, bringing it up and keeping the arms well spaced from the body.
  • Drop the ax by turning it, in this way it will not be the log that hits the base but the back of the ax. It is for this reason that the best long log splitter hatchets carry an element as hard as the blade on the back.

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