Recycle paper at home

Recycle paper at home

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Recycle paper at home: instructions and tips for recycling newspaper, books, magazines and old notebooks with DIY.

Recycle paper at homeit is not only possible but also easy. In this guide we will see how to recycle paper to get new sheets of paper, however, there are creative ways of recycling that should not be underestimated!

Ideas to recycle paper creatively

Here are some quick ideas for creatively recycling paper!

  • The paper can be shredded to become mulch and protect the roots of potted or open field plants.
  • Several sheets of paper can be joined to create sheets of wrapping paper, perhaps a little bizarre but certainly functional.
  • Cardboard can be cut out to make cake molds.
  • Sheets of paper of all kinds can be cut out to makedecorative stancil.
  • The sheets of paper reduced inflakesand placed in blocks to form a double layer, they can be used as insulating panels.
  • Torn to shreds, they can protect glass glasses and other fragile objects both in shipments and in storage of materials in the cellar.
  • You can create post-its from leftover notebooks or printed sheets.

The machine that recycles paper

The photo below shows the machine that automatically recycles any type of paper and then returns brand new A4 sheets of paper!

The paper recycling machine was developed byEpson Corporationand it has been conceived for offices, businesses and for those who make extensive use of paper. This machine has very compact dimensions for the job it does: it can produce papernewstarting with waste paper, now destined for garbage. To recycle paper, the Epson machine does not use water!

Not only A4 format, the paper recycling machine is able to give life to different cuts, thicknesses and types. From office paper to business card formats, it will also be possible to make colored or scented paper. Commercial production of this instrument will take place in Japan during 2016. Currently the only prototype has been shown in the context ofTokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center), in the stand dedicated toEco-Products.

The machine is capable of producing around 14 A4 sheets per minute, which means that it can produce 6,720 recycled sheets within 8 hours.

Recycle paper at home

You don't need such a machine to recycle paper at home! You will have to use materials that are easier to find such as:

  • Tights
    a pair of old women's stockings will serve as a sieve.
  • Metal hanger
    you will need a metal hanger to create a frame for the sieve. In the absence of the hanger you can use a simple spun iron.
  • Mixer
    it will be used to further shred the paper
  • Newspapers
    old newspaper sheets are easy to recycle
  • Vinyl glue
    it will serve to give life to the new onehomemade recycled paper
  • Scissors
    they will be used to shred the paper and cut the tights
  • water
    will serve to soften the paper
  • Basin
    you will need a container to accommodate the paper to be recycled

To recycle paper at home, you have to cut the newspaper you intend to recycle into small shreds. You can use a pair of scissors or a paper shredder. The shredded paper must be soaked in water for one night.

Drain the mixture obtained in a sieve so as to deprive it of the water. Pass it in the blender and add a little water. The blended mixture should be placed in a tray containing a couple of centimeters of water. When it comes to paper recycling it is difficult to give precise dosages because everything depends on the type of paper used, on the thickness but also on the quality and dyes contained in the paper. Only experience can give you more satisfying results.

For the video that explains how to recycle paper at home and all the step-by-step instructions, I invite you to visit the page:How do I recycle paper.

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