Let's talk about a green honeymoon

Let's talk about a green honeymoon

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There honeymoon today is a journey. Not always a trip green, even if this habit is taking hold hand in hand with the affirmation of the eco wedding (the decision to get married by doing everything, from participations to honeymoon, in an ecological way) which finds fertile ground in hi-tech wedding (the flourishing of App and the spread of smartphones reduces distances).

There honeymoon in the 1960s it was a short but intense love escape away from their family members. The goal of the traditional post-wedding trip was above all in Italy, sometimes in the same region of residence, for a few days or at most a week organized in a DIY style. Ten years later things had already changed a lot, including the honeymoon.

According to Stefania Pasquarelli, graduated in sociology at the Bicocca University of Milan with a thesis entitled 'The evolution of honeymoons', starting with those born in the 1970s, honeymoon it took the form of a more structured journey, with a destination in European cities or, more often, in the world. The travel lists instead of the traditional wedding lists were a real breakthrough.

Today, guests are no longer asked for home articles as gifts, also because most couples already live together, but support to carry out the honeymoon of their dreams, which coincides with a trip. According to CartOrange data, about 60-70% of future married couples choose the trip as their wedding list and this explains why for the honeymoon there are also substantial budgets available.

Speaking of hi-tech wedding, the latest novelty is the Wedding App, an application that guests can download on their smartphones to get all the information about the event and follow both preparations and, and we are almost too much , the honeymoon. The idea comes from CartOrange, in collaboration with Deveyes Group and its Letsplaza service.

Marriage e green honeymoon with the public via the web. However, the spouses decide who can download the App, so that traditional participations are in fact replaced by a micro software. It could not fail to happen: the mobile market in Italy is growing by 30% annually and 62% of Italians own a smartphone (source Nielsen). In 2014 it is estimated that access to the Internet from mobile will exceed those from PC.

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