Tips for a good campsite

Tips for a good campsite

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You are struggling with your first onecampingand you need godsadvicefor a good result?Organize a campsiteit is not a mammoth undertaking, the basic concepts are few and before I write to youwhat to bring campingwe will start telling you what to leave at home!

Don't even remotely think of bring camping make-up, perfumed lotions, the entire wardrobe or ... a hostile attitude! These"frippery"leave them at home ... rather, a Swiss army knife, a flashlight, a pair of slippers / shoes that can get wet, garbage bags, water bottles, insect repellents and a good sleeping bag can not be missing.

Remember that the sleeping bag must be adapted to the climatic conditions of the locationcamping: Waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat or shivering from the cold is no fun at all. A suitable sleeping bag will make your stay more enjoyable.

A flashlight can be used in different circumstances, it can happen to everyone to have to pee during the night! It can also be used if you feel like taking a midnight swim! With the flashlight, it's best to bring a couple of spare batteries or get a solar flashlight.

Then… won't you come and leave your waste lying around ?! Bring a large number of garbage bags and inquire about the days of delivery of the differentiated. As for water, there are excellent drinking water filters on the market, in any case it is better to inquire in advance about the provisions of the campsite.

The equipment that absolutely cannot be missing:

  • Tent fromcamping:practical in assembly for campsites of a few days, more comfortable and spacious - therefore more difficult to assemble - for i campsites lasting weeks.
  • Mattress, for those traveling by car, in foam rubber for those traveling by train or plane, inflatable.
  • Folding table and chairs… you will need them, unless you decide to eat on the floor!
  • Tarpaulin to be placed under the base of the curtainso as to protect it from wear and possible rains.
  • Crockery and gas stove
  • Basins for washing dishes and for doing laundry
  • Thread and clothespins to hang out the laundry

For the equipment from winter camping, we recommend that you read this article.

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