In Singapore the Hi-Tech botanical garden

In Singapore the Hi-Tech botanical garden

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L'Singapore botanical gardenrepresents the quintessence of the encounter between nature and machine. L'Singapore botanical gardenit is artificial and yet it works naturally. Thisbotanical parkcovers an area of ​​101 hectares of land, the soil in question has not been subtracted from agriculture but was obtained by reclaiming a marshy area.

L'Singapore's hi-tech gardenit features 18 gigantic trees made of steel and concrete. These trees rise up to 50 meters high and give life to a long walk in mid-air thanks to a series of bridges that act as interconnections.


Whovisit Singapore's hi-tech garden,to fully enjoy the magic of the place, he will have to make a double exploration: during the day, to enjoy the view of thehi-tech parkfrom the high piers and at night, to look up at the sky from the ground floor and see the artificial branches that intersect each other. It seems that the apex of the splendor of this artifice can be savored during the night when theartificial treesthey release their magic; the trunks and branches light up with fluorescent lights and, through the dense radiant foliage, one seems to see countless stars shining.

The trunk of theartificial treesofSingapore's hi-tech gardenit is characterized by a vertical garden given by tropical climbing ferns and bromeliads; a column of green that returns clean oxygen to one of the most polluted cities on the globe.


The entrance to theBotanic GardenofSingaporeis free, those who want to reach thehi-tech garden,in addition to buying a flight to Singapore with the necessary stopovers, he will have to take the MRT (the efficient urban subway) and get to Marina Bay; the entrance to the Botanic Garden is located right off the subway exit.

L'Singapore botanical gardenit also contains an immense greenhouse building. In total, thehi-tech gardencan boast over 220,000 plants from all over the world.

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