Ecotourism in Italy

Ecotourism in Italy

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In the panorama ofecotourism Germans are the most environmentally conscious travelers, while in Italy, the practices ofgreen travel they are only spreading today. Those who decide to travel ethically in our country can count on a large number of hotels that adopt eco-sustainable practices.

L'Ecotourism in Italyit's also good for the wallet, for the traveler and the hotelier. The benefits are not only environmental, those who decide to practiceecotourism in Italy, first of all, it cuts costs related to air transport. On the side of hoteliers, among the reasons that push hotel owners to supportecotourism, more than half has in fact recorded a reduction in spending on consumption, and only 1 hotel in 10 does not believe that attention to the planet has helped him to increase his business.

L'Ecotourism in Italyseems to be a completely recent practice, in fact, the last two years have seen a growing commitment on the part of Italian hotels towards the environment. According to a survey conducted by the industry-leading HotelTonight app, only 23 percent of the sample of hotels examined have applied a green logic to their hotel for at least five years.

To help reduce the environmental impact of accommodation facilities, theHotel Climate Certification,a title that inItalyit is up to very few structures. In practice, Italian hoteliers have implemented some strategies to lower the environmental impact and above all to reduce consumption, such as:
-installation of energy saving light bulbs
-program for the reuse of linen in the room
- use of non-toxic products for hygiene
-installation of solar panels and inverters
- use of recycled paper
-increase and awareness of separate collection
- use of zero km food with local and organic products, a practice that is widespread only among farms

L'Ecotourism in Italy sees these efforts by hoteliers but what about the guests?
Again citing the survey conducted by HotelTonight, most of them greenthey are the Germans, immediately followed by the British. Third place for the French and only fourth for us Italians who are more in the standingsethicalonly Spaniards.

Ecotourism in Italy,the rules for travelers

  • When you go on a trip, you need to keep a waste collection bag in your backpack. Too often visitors leave their litter on the street, this bad habit is higher among upper class tourists.
  • On a beach holiday, do not shower with shampoo and body wash on the beach. Respect the natural habitats of the seabed and do not collect seahorses, starfish or corals.
  • If you own a boat, respect the motor navigation prohibitions and report any illegal unloading to the Harbor Master's Office.
  • Follow all the rules of Responsible Tourism.

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