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How to flavor oil, the guide

How to flavor oil, the guide

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The flavored oil is a quality oil to which aromas of various kinds are added. Making flavored oil is not complicated at all: just put the aromas into glass containers, fill with oil and let it rest for at least a week: if it is left to rest for longer, the flavor will be more intense. But let's see in detail how to flavor oil, following our instructions.

In general, oils flavored with garlic, basil or marjoram are used to season vegetables; those prepared with bay leaf, rosemary, sage or thyme to season meat; those with fennel are suitable for seasoning fish. Chilli pepper oil lends itself very well to grilled foods, pasta dishes and various legumes.

How to flavor oil, what we need
Extra virgin olive oil
Sterilized glass bottles with caps
Adhesive labels to affix ingredients and preparation date
Spices and flavorings

How to flavor oil, useful information
In case of aromas that break or leave impurities in the oil, it is necessary to filter the oil before use; on the other hand, if you use flavors that remain intact, such as garlic, chilli, they can remain in infusion.
Make sure that the herbs or spices are already dried: it is vital to prevent the risk of Botox, a bacterium that can form in canned in oil. Therefore, avoid using fresh ingredients that can generate mold.
If you see any traces of white mold in the bottle, throw it away immediately.

How to flavor oil, how to prepare

  1. After washing the bottles well, put them to boil in water for at least 20 minutes
  2. Done that. Put the bottles upside down to dry and wait a few hours before proceeding to preparation
  3. Wash the aromas well and dry them with a clean cloth, being careful not to break them
  4. Put the aromatic herbs in each bottle
  5. Fill the bottle with oil by rotating it every now and then to eliminate any accumulation of air: you must first add the herbs and spices, then cover with extra virgin olive oil
  6. Close the bottle tightly and shake gently
  7. Once this is done, boil the bottles standing up in a pot full of water for about half an hour: the head of the bottle must remain out of the water

Store in a cool and dry place for 20/30 days before consuming.

How to flavor oil, useful tips

  • Basil is preferable to use alone
  • Rosemary, sage and bay leaf can go together
  • Garlic and chilli together
  • Once opened, it is best to keep the flavored oils in the refrigerator or, in any case, in a cool and dry place.

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