Bosch photovoltaic accumulators

Bosch photovoltaic accumulators

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On the occasion ofSolaExpo 2014, Bosch presented photovoltaic accumulatorsintended to optimize consumption in the residential energy sector.

According to the International Energy Agency, IEA, global electricity consumption is set to rise by a third by 2035. The higher demand will result in a proportional price increase. In this situation, energy efficiency plays a crucial role and theaccumulatorsenergy for thephotovoltaicthey can be excellent allies.

Bosch photovoltaic accumulators
At the SolarExpo, an intelligent system for the management andaccumulationof solar energy, ideal for complementing residential photovoltaic systems.

Theaccumulatorsallow you to store the energy produced in surplus byphotovoltaic systemdistributing it to households that need electricity, especially during the evening, when thephotovoltaic systemit is no longer operational.

L'photovoltaic accumulator presented by Bosch is the model BPT-S 5 Hybrid,it is extremely efficient and is able to cover 80 percent of the energy needs of a family of 4 people. In the summer months, coverage can reach 100%, guaranteeing complete autonomy and independence from the electricity grid.

The BPT-S 5 Hybrid system is aenergy accumulatorwhich takes advantage of lithium-ion battery technology to offer a capacity ofaccumulationwhich varies from 4.4 kWh to 13.2 kW. Thephotovoltaic accumulatorspresented by Bosch, they recharge completely in an hour and a half and have an estimated life span of over 20 years.

Anyone who owns a photovoltaic system may find the initiative interestingBosh Power Tecthat, through the portal "e.Web " offers a wide range of free tools for monitoring and analyzing data and the performance of the photovoltaic system, all of which can also be consulted from the smartphone using the e.User app.

L'photovoltaic accumulatorjust described is not the only noteworthy novelty of the SolarExpo, the same Bosch Thermotechnical Division, with the Junkers brand, presented thehitech solar collectorFKT-2, whose low-structural safety solar glass allows high light transmission and low reflection, followed by the high-efficiency Superaeco W heat pump. The Superaeco W heat pump, thanks to the stratified charge tank with of 270 liters and an advanced electronic control, allows an economic and efficient production of domestic hot water.

Another gem presented in the context ofSolarExpo of May 2014is the new generation of eBike systems Active Line and Performance Line, but we at our website had beaten everyone on the time by telling you about it already at the beginning of the year.

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