Smart electric drive 2013

Smart electric drive 2013

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There Smart electric drive is available in both convertible that coupe in the classic guise of smart fortwo or in the license plate Brabus. There Smart electric drive is already on the market at a price starting from € 15,900. Let's see all the details together.

Smart Electric Drive 2013, the engine: performance and speed
There Smart Electric Drive equips a electric motor 55 kW with a torque of 130 Nm which, as happens on all electric vehicles, is already available when the car is stationary. The electric motor offers an acceleration ranging from 0 to 60 km / h in 4.8 seconds while the smart electric drive it reaches 100 km / h in 11.5 seconds. There full speed is 125 km / h, not bad considering that it is a city ​​car compact.

Smart Electric Drive 2013, battery and autonomy
There smart electrc drive is equipped with a Li-ion battery consisting of 93 single cells. There smart electric it can be purchased including the battery at a price starting from 19,900 euros, or, alternatively, with a rental battery at a price starting from 15,500 euros with the constraint of a monthly fee of 65 euros. The battery has a capacity of 17.6 kWh and offers amaximum autonomy of 145 km. Regarding the charging times, a recharge time of 7 hours is achieved by means of the 230 V on-board charger and a domestic electrical socket. Thanks to fast charging, the battery goes "full" in just one hour with a 400 V battery charger and wallbox. It is estimated a current consumption, using a 230 V battery charger, equal to 15.1 kWh for every 100 km traveled.

Thanks to connectivity on board, it is possible to monitor the vehicle using smartphone, tablet or PC. This is made possible by smart's Vehicle Homepage technology, a practical example of its usefulness? Before leaving, you can get information on the state of charge and battery autonomy simply by consulting your smartphone or, while passing by, you can consult the mapping and identify the charging station nearest.

To find the charging stations for your electric car closest to where you are, you can also use thesearch engine available in the article:Charging Columns for Electric Cars.

The service is also available via app for iPhone / IOS and Samsung / Android smartphones.

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