Widespread hotel, regulations and projects

Widespread hotel, regulations and projects

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L'widespread hotelproposes a new model of hospitality by creating an excellent opportunity for tourism development in the area. Awidespread hoteloffers everything that the classic hotel offers: hospitality, assistance, catering, spaces and services for guests…. Add to this the possibility of experiencing a life in a historic center of a city.

In a widespread hotel, guests stay in houses and rooms that are within 200 meters of common services such as the reception and the dining area. If it is not yet clear what a widespread tree is, we refer to the words of Giancarlo Dell’Ara: a Widespread hotelis

"A hotel accommodation company located in a single town, made up of several buildings close to each other, with unitary management and able to provide standard hotel services to all guests".

Fordesigning a widespread hotelfirst of all it is necessary to identify the most suitable city village:widespread hotelhe cannot be born in an abandoned village! The projectof awidespread hotelwas born by networking pre-existing houses, which is why it can be considered a territorial development model with a low environmental impact, for its realization it is not necessary to build anything, but only to recover and network what already exists in the village of interest.

Open a Widespread hotel - The Regulations
Therelegislationwhich governs the opening of awidespread hotelis of a regional type, moreover, in Italy, not all regions have issued a specific discipline that recognizes thewidespread hotelas an accommodation facility distinct from agritourisms, dense-room services and the like.

For now, the regions that have a specific regulation forwidespread hotelsthey are: Campania, Calabria, Emilia Romagna, the Autonomous Province of Trento, Liguria, Umbria, Marche, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sardinia.

From the Regional Law of January 16, 2002 n.2 of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, we read: "The diffused hotels are made up of housing units located in one or more separate buildings, integrated with each other by centralized services such as reception office, common room, possibly restaurant-bar, all located in a single building. (...) The housing units consist of one or more rooms set up as a bedroom and living room, with independent kitchen service and private bathroom. "

The updated list ofregulationsconcerning accommodation facilities adwidespread hotelis available on the official website albergodiffuso.comin the section "Widespread hotel, current situation and regulations in Italy “.

Popular hotels in Italy
Those who want to try the experience of a stay in awidespread hotel, here are some all-Italian references:

-Sauris, in the ancient village of the Carnie Alps - Friuli Venezia Giulia
-Under the Cummerse, in the locality of Locorontondo in the province of Bari - Puglia
- Albergo Diffuso Mannois, in the historic center of Orosei - Sardinia
-The Borgo Ritrovato, in the center of Montescaglioso, in the province of Matera - Basilicata
-Castel Porrona, in the center of Porrona, in the province of Grosseto - Tuscany
-La Piana dei Mulini, Colle d'Anchise, in the province of Campobasso - Molise

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