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How to store apples

How to store apples

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How to store apples is a question that surely arises who has a tree or more of these fruits in the garden.

One of the drawbacks of the home orchard is in fact that the fruit ripens in a short period of time and this complicates the possibilities of gradual consumption.

Sending everything to jam is a shame and you can't eat apple strudel every day, it would take a system to extend conservation of fruits a little more effective than the advice to keep them in a cool and dry place in the house.

In the case of apples, the extension of the storage it is possible with a device that allows to anticipate the ripening of the fruits, thus distributing their consumption over a longer period. We are talking about a completely natural system that does not require the addition of substances and does not alter the quality of apples.

This system is simply to grasp a few apples not yet completely ripe and close them for a couple of days in a plastic bag, well sealed, together with two or three ripe fruits.

Ethylene, which is the natural gas produced by apples, it will quickly saturate the bag and help the fruits further back to ripen. In fact, ethylene also contains a hormonal substance that naturally stimulates and accelerates the transpiration of unripe fruits and makes them ripen in just two days.

More than a trick on how to store apples it is therefore a system to accelerate their natural ripening as you intend to consume them: the fruits remain on the tree and you can start eating them even before they reach independent ripening.

This plastic bag system also applies to other types of fruit, for example persimmons, but is always based on the use of apples and the ethylene they contain as an accelerator of natural ripening.

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