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Organic garden: summer jobs

Organic garden: summer jobs

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In this period more than ever to yours organic garden regular irrigation is needed, preferring lateral or drip-infiltration systems which are the most effective.

If you irrigate with the cane, do it with a slow jet on the root part of the crops (it is not necessary to wet the leaves and fruits), prefer the early hours of the morning, or possibly in the evening, and do not use too cold water.

Especially in this season it is useful to know that a organic garden it can be grown with little or even without water using (well) the wood chips from fresh twigs for water supply and in place of chemical fertilizers.

A good mulch is the other thing you need in July-August for yours organic garden. To have a natural one, you can use fresh wood chips, which you can produce at home with an electric shredder.

The Augustan mulch limits the evaporation of water caused by the beating sun and retains it in the ground. If then the mulching is made with wood chips of fresh twigs, it will give a further water supply to the soil while improving its structure.

If yours organic garden it is located in a very bright area, do not forget to protect the newly transplanted seedlings (preferably with earthen bread raised in alveolar containers) because the young leaves are easily burned.

July is the period for the topping of cucumber, watermelon and melon to favor fruit swelling. The same operation can continue in August on aubergines, tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins. July is also the period in which the removal of the tomato plants begins (to remove the axillary shoots to reinforce the lateral antlers).

For sowing inorganic garden observe the phases of the moon according to the rules of biodynamic agriculture.

Sowing in June in the organic garden:

  • falling moon: cabbage, curly endive and escarole, lettuce, early and medium Chioggia radicchio, sugar loaf, leek, celery;
  • Crescent moon: cauliflower, beetroot, basil, thistle, carrot, string bean and climbing bean, green and kidney bean, parsley, courgette

Sowing in July in the organic garden:

  • falling moon: autumn or early winter cabbage, catalonia chicory, curly endive, endive, lettuce, leek, radicchio;
  • Crescent moon: chard, agretto, green and kidney beans, parsley, radish, courgette.

Sowing in August in the organic garden:

  • falling moon: white onion, radicchio, catalonia chicory, autumn fennel, lettuce, sliced ​​radicchio, spinach and valerianella;
  • Crescent moon: parsley, radish.

September sowing in the organic garden:

  • falling moon: white onion, cutting and harvesting lettuce, spinach, valerianella;
  • Crescent moon: parsley, radish.

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