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Cucumber beneficial properties

Cucumber beneficial properties

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Cucumber property: cucumber, a vegetable from the Cucurbitaceae family similar to the courgette, has many beneficial properties for our body; it has a lot of water (about 95%) and for this reason it has purifying and refreshing properties, thus bringing benefits to the kidneys. Due to the very low caloric intake (only 13 kcal per 100 grams) and the presence of tartaric acid, cucumber is often included in various slimming diets: according to experts, tartaric acid would have the property of preventing the carbohydrates placed in our organism turn into fat.

Cucumber property beneficial
Cucumber would have anti-inflammatory properties and would be able to counteract gout and arthrosis; its consumption is also recommended for the prevention of kidney and bladder stones. Since it is sugar-free, it is a food suitable for all those with high blood sugar and diabetes risk.
Its intake would be able to counteract fever, cold and ailments related to cooling in general; its seeds have vermifuge properties, especially tapeworms even if lately, due to improved hygienic conditions, this pathology is much rarer than in the past.

Cucumber properties, how to consume it
Cucumber is particularly suitable to be eaten fresh and raw. To avoid intestinal swelling it is preferable to remove the seeds. You can also eat the peel of the cucumber because it is nutritious and rich in beneficial substances: according to experts it would be able to optimize the cholesterol level and fight cancer.
Cucumber is the ideal ingredient for pinzimonio, to garnish cold dishes and summer salads. When harvested still immature and small in size, it can be lightly blanched and preserved in vinegar.

Cucumber property, cosmetics
Cucumber is widely used in cosmetics: due to its high concentration of vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts it can be used to produce soothing masks (even DIY), ideal after a long sun exposure or as a treatment to soften and make the skin more elastic. particularly dry.

According to an old "grandmother's remedy", cucumber is able to reduce eye swelling, revive the eyes and reduce bags under the eyes: just apply two slices of cucumber on the eyes for a quarter of an hour.

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