Mount a solar panel for hot water

Mount a solar panel for hot water

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Install a solar panel for hot water production it's a simple task. We have already talked about theassembly of solar panelsfocusing on putting aphotovoltaic systemon pitched roof, in this article we will see how to mount concentrating solar panels on the roof flat, pitched or in the attic, so as to produce hot water thanks tosolar power.

How to mount a photovoltaic system
If you are trying to understand how to install the classic photovoltaic roof, we invite you to consult our guide article atAssembly of soalri panels.

How to mount a solar panel for hot water
Given the location (on the roof of the house), we recommend that you rely on a team of expert installers. Formount a solar thermal panelit will be necessary to install, as a preliminary step, a support skeleton where thesolar thermal paneland thestorage tank.

The solar panel for the production of hot water it consists of an insulated body closed by an opaque glass plate inside which a bundle of tubes is held that allow the passage of a fluid (a liquid mixture of water and glycol). The heated fluid passes through a coil inside atankplaced near the panel. The fluid, passing through the coil, transfers the heat to the water contained in the tank. The tank is in turn connected to the domestic water supply.

As is clear, howeverto installproperly asolar thermal panelit will be necessary to establish a connection between the water network and the hot water tank.

Asolar panel for the production of hot waterit can be natural or forced circulation.

Install a solar panel with natural circulation to produce hot water
The heated water naturally rises by convection from bottom to top, so thestorage tankis placed above the panels. Before proceeding withinstallationit will be necessary to check that the roof structure can support the weight of the full tank. In this case theinstallationit is made easier as no electrical equipment is needed.

Install a forced circulation solar thermal panel to produce hot water
The system uses electric pumps that circulate the fluid (called "carrier fluid" because it carries heat), thanks to special probes, when its temperature is higher than that of the tank. In this case thetankit can be installed in the attic and can be integrated with an electrical resistance that is activated when the panel is not functioning enough. The forced circulation solar panel allows you to produce hot water efficiently, even on cloudy days and in homes with a high demand for hot water. The system provides for the installation of solenoid valves with the necessary electrical connection.

Flat roof installation
An appropriate framework must be prepared to allow for the right inclination. The storage tank must be placed on the back.

On pitched roof
This type of solar panel can be installed up to an inclination of the pitch of 20 - 25 °. The panel is mounted using the inclination of the frame and the same configuration is maintained for the tank.

In case of greater inclinations
In case of greater inclinations, the panel can be mounted on the roof plane without any frame. In this case, thetankit is installed in the attic.

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