Italian Alternative Energy Championship 2014: 500 Abarth wins

Italian Alternative Energy Championship 2014: 500 Abarth wins

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It's a 500 Abarth with methaneto win theItalian Alternative Energy Championship 2014with a power plant of Bigas-Cavagna Group with the RI27J reducer. There500 Abarth with methane, so equipped, it has given ample demonstration of agility, reliability and excellent performance.

TheItalian Alternative Energy Championship is the main Italian competition reserved for vehicles approved for road circulation powered by sources of alternative energy, and is governed by theItalian Automobile Sports Commission.

During the championship, the challenges are played on several levels, in fact the final verdict evaluates energy consumption, skill, driving precision ... for the edition2014 the championship was awarded byEcomotori Racing Team, for the third year in a row.

Thanks to a recent partnership, theEcomotori Racing Team could bring something new to the track, it is thebiomethanol power supply, summary of the agreements made withItalian BioGas Consortium.

Nicola Ventura, Ecomotori Racin Team DS commented on the third consecutive victory of the Italian championship:
"On March 18, during the inauguration for the Ecorallye of Monte Carlo, held in front of the Lombardy Region building, President Maroni promised that if we still won, he would participate as a driver in the next championship. We have done our duty, now we expect him to keep his promise ".

Italian Alternative Energy Championship 2014
The Italian Alternative Energy Championship 2014 has three categories:
- endothermic vehicles
-electric vehicles
- hybrid vehicles
The Italian Alternative Energies Championship 2014 Green Hybrid Cup (hybrid vehicles) is the first single-make trophy with hybrid cars (LPG-electric), and 15 Kia Venga Monofuel LPG compete on international and European circuits. A fundamental characteristic of the championship is that all the cars in the race are identical in terms of mechanics and performance, the variable is represented by the human factor: it will be the driver who determines the result of the competition and makes the difference.

Only the last round of the 2014 series, scheduled in Pergusa on 28 September, will reveal the identity of the Italian champion of the hybrid vehicles category, for now, here is the general classification of Italian Alternative Energy Championship Green Hybrid Cup 2014.

1 Gabriele Torelli 203
2 Jimmy Ghione 163 (yes, the correspondent of Striscia la Notizia)
3 Jacopo Lombardelli 160
4 Andrea Portatadino 129
5 Paolo Gnemmi 121
6 Alberto Biraghi 67
7 Paolo Palanti 60
8 Jochen Trettl 42
9 Giuseppe Gulizia 38
10 Alberto Carobbio 17
11 Paolo Strabello 16
12 Arturo Merzario 14

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