How to recycle jars and jars

How to recycle jars and jars

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Jars of jams, jars of baby food, jars of yogurt and other containers that we brought into the house along with the shopping, can berecycledto give life to a large number of useful items.

We all know we can take advantage of the glass jars to contain homemade jams or peaches in syrup; The smallest jars of baby food Yes they canto recycleto contain kitchen spreads or DIY cosmetics. Our limits begin when we talk aboutcreative work with recycling, but yet jars and jars can give life to a large variety of items!

How to recycle yogurt pots

Once washed and dried, plastic yogurt pots can be recycled and face new life cycles in different forms. Yoghurt pots can become small seed beds to sprout the seeds of vegetables, flowering plants or greens. In this case you will need to be careful to make a small hole at the base of the jar.


What does it take to prepare a DIY seedbed with yogurt pots?
Well-cleaned yoghurt jars
A pair of scissors to drill the hole
Soil for sowing
Vegetable seeds, flowering plants or greens

Those who have children at home can use the yoghurt pots to make pencil cases; in this case you have two choices: draw on the plastic surface of the jar (perhaps using the stencil decoration method) or apply a decorative paper.


In the kitchen, yoghurt pots can be useful for freezing sauces or for preserving homemade fruit mixes.

How to recycle aluminum cans

There are so many recycling jobs for cans. Those who have good dexterity can hypothesize to open the can so as to obtain a rigid aluminum sheet to be used to make sculptures such as small cars, boats, shaped animals ... Those looking for something more hasty, can to recycle aluminum cans to make flower vases, object holders, pencil holders ...

How to recycle glass bottles

The most efficient, but also the most complex way forto recycle the glass bottles come from Shanxi province, China, where Ma Yanju built a solar thermal panel to heat the water. The solar thermal panel consists of 66 one-liter bottles resting on a plywood base covered with aluminum foil. Those who do not have the technical skills to build something like this can give themselves to gardening with equal satisfaction: colored glass bottles, partially buried, can create very decorative paths.

With bottles of beer, vodka or old liquor bottles, it is possible to create cute glasses. In this regard, we refer you to the article in which we explain how to cut glass.


How to recycle glass jars
In this context, we refer you to the articleHow to reuse glass jars.

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