Climate change, effects and solutions

Climate change, effects and solutions

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Several countries try to agree to limit the carbon dioxide emissions so that the temperature increase does not exceed 2 degrees compared to the average value of 1850. But this threshold is not sure, this is stated by researchers from the University of Copenhagen with a study published in the "Proceeding of the National Academy of Science“, The effects of climate change could occur even if the average temperature does not exceed 2 degrees.

The effects of the climate changes are already occurring
The models of climate changes examined by the University of Copenhagen show that the future frequency of hurricanes and floods could increase by 3-4 times. According to climatologist Aslak Grinsted, author of the study, i climate changes have already manifested their effects: the change in average temperature that took place in the twentieth century has already doubled the frequency of the most extreme "Atlantic surges" such as Hurricane Katrina.

Greenhouse effect e climate changes
Unfortunately, our economies continue to produce wealth following the patterns of the past. The emissions annuals of greenhouse gases derived from the use of fossil fuels and the use and transformation of the territory (deforestation and reckless land use) of today, are destined to add to those already accumulated in the atmosphere and will further increase the greenhouse effect, that is, the ability of the atmosphere to retain the heat radiated by the sun on the earth.

To stop the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it will be necessary to implement "low-carbon" or "carbon-neutral" policies, which is why it is necessary to aim for renewable resources. The policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions are mitigation.

The solutions to climate changes
What families, companies and institutions have not yet fully understood is that economic growth and environmental protection can be combined. In order to maintain a certain level of well-being, both economic and environmental, we need to aim for sustainable innovations. If a company or a family chooses to travel by electric vehicles rather than cars that burn fossil fuels, the first step will be taken towards decarbonization. There decarbonization is the key to stopping the climate changes.

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