How to join the State Forestry Corps

How to join the State Forestry Corps

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The Forestry agents they have the task of protecting our mountains, trees, woods, seas and wild animals that reside there. The Agents of State Forestry Corps I'm a dedicated Body composed of men and women who have chosen to live in contact with nature to defend it. They are real "policemen" with gray-green uniforms.

Forestry agents work at the State Forestry Corps (CFS) and their purpose is to prevent illegal acts against the environment by stopping and sanctioning those who destroy nature or injure animals, those who pollute the air, water or land. Other widespread crimes are forest fires and fishing without a license or in marine protected areas. In fact, what many ignore is that the State Forestry Corps has a section dedicated to the protection of marine habitats. The nautical service of the Forest Rangers has offshore vehicles to tackle the open sea, and specific vehicles for use along rivers or lakes.

The most frequent environmental crimes in marine areas include discharges of toxic substances into the sea and illegal fishing. To enter the Forest Rangers it is necessary to have a broad knowledge of soil, air and water pollutants, biodiversity and local habitats. Who intends to enter the Forest Rangers must have reached the age of majority and must pass the public competition.

The public competitions are periodically announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Who joins the Forest Rangers will have the qualification of police officer and public security officer, therefore he must have a healthy and robust physical constitution and present service in the Armed Forces as a volunteer for at least one year. As for education, a junior high school license would be enough, but they usually manage to pass the competition he attended agricultural technical institutes, technical institutes for surveyors or scientific high school.

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