Cardboard furniture? Original and lasting idea

Cardboard furniture? Original and lasting idea

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Well yes: homes, offices and shops can be furnished with furniture in cardboard, even if using this material to build furniture it is not an absolute novelty and on the market there are several experiences, even successful ones, born and grown around this eco-idea. However, the final products are not always truly eco-products and do not always fully respect the concept of environmental sustainability.

Among those who have launched into the challenge of cardboard for thefurniture and the design without accepting compromises there isNardi Cardboard furniture ' (the name is a caption) a young company from Pieve di Soligo founded by people united by two things: experience in the sector offurniture and the passion for design and functional objects. The result are furniture that combine ecological convenience (good for everyone) with economic convenience (good for those who buy).

Experience has taught Nardi Cardboard furniture that furnishings they must be appreciated for their aesthetics but also be robust and durable (hard to believe but with cardboard you can do it very well), the ecological soul, not to accept half measures and to consider furniture throughout their life cycle, from production to delivery, to finish with disposal.

This is why Nardi products Cardboard furniture they are designed to be truly sustainable, starting from the attention not to waste the material in production to move on to processing and assembly without the use of synthetic glues or products that are not eco-friendly.

Without glue? Yes, because almost all cardboard furniture of Nardi are built by interlocking, an almost unique feature on the market, that is, they are assembled by means of a series of simple hooks and can be disassembled and reassembled several times (assembly is intuitive and facilitated by clear instructions). In this way, transport is also much simpler and cheaper, and allows you to be the creators of your Eco-furniture yourself.

Chairs, armchairs, sofas, shelving, tables, lamps and floor lamps, signs… with the cardboard you can build all these objects, but do they last? It seems so: chairs, armchairs and sofas by Nardi Cardboard furniture they are designed to support the weight of several people safely and to last over time; they can certainly be ruined (like those in wood, for that matter) but giving that sense of experience that goes well with the characteristics of the product and the philosophy of those who buy an Eco-compatible product.

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