Save money with gas hobs

Save money with gas hobs

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There are certain calculations that, to make them, one is amazed. One case is that of the consumption of hobs of the gas cookers, topic of savings ed energy efficiency. Until recently the best gas burners gods hobs they had an average efficiency of 55% (slightly higher than the European standards EN 30.2.1 which indicate 52%). The latest models among the best performing, such as those of the Sabaf Series III, reach 65 percent.

And we come to the above calculations: estimating an average daily use of 20 minutes and the average life of the hob of a kitchen gas in 18.6 years, the energy saving of a high-performance burner compared to an older generation one is about 200 cubic meters of gas per home.

But the results become even more surprising if we suppose to extend the use for i hobs gods gas burners most performing throughout Europe. In this case they could save over 2.2 billion m3 of gas, an amount that is equivalent to the monthly consumption of all the Italian thermoelectric plants put together.

The comparison in the kitchen with i hobs electric leaves no room for doubt. In the comparison, the first thing to consider is that in many European countries, and especially in Italy, much of the electricity is produced in thermoelectric plants that burn fossil fuels, with average yields of 35 percent.

THE hobs electricity wastes a large part of primary energy, using a maximum of 25% with i induction hobs more efficient (but also below 20% with electric hobs equipped with traditional resistances), compared to the 65% used by Sabaf Series III burners. Using gas hobs 2/3 of primary energy could be saved in Europe and emissions of millions of tons of CO₂ avoided.

The transition from gas hobs of old generation to high efficiency ones is comparable to the transition from brass taps to new generation aluminum ones, which, on the basis of a production of 25 million pieces per year, allow to reduce carbon dioxide by about 2,000 tons released into the atmosphere (conversion factor 575g / kWh source ENEL).

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