Electric water heater and energy saving

Electric water heater and energy saving

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Electric water heater and energy savinghow much does an electric water heater consume and which are the energy efficient models. How to save electricity with the water heater.

Electric water heater and energy saving:combination possible only with class A +

The electric water heater does not get along very well with energy saving, especially if from the older generation.

The purchase of one electric water heater it is recommended only when it is not possible to use a latest generation natural gas model or set up a solar thermal system.

They do not exist "low consumption" electric water heatersbut there are those that can offer better energy efficiency such as class A + appliances. Furthermore, their use becomes more respectful of the environment when combined with a solar thermal or photovoltaic system.

How to save electricity with the water heater:water heater always on and correct size

The first thing to do is to choose one water heater of adequate size. Two people consume approximately 60 liters of water a day which becomes 180-200 when the family is four or six. It is useless to buy one electric water heater with greater capacity, it would mean wasting money and resources.

Electric water heaters which guarantee a good energy saving they are those that use a heat pump, even better if powered by a photovoltaic system.

Although highly efficient, one electric water heater must be well maintained to ensure an additional renergy saving. The first doubt arises about its activity: better to keep it always on or to operate it only in case of need?

This question does not have a single answer. Everything depends on the habits of the users, if they shower and use hot water only at certain times of the day (perhaps in the evening), it is best to operate it only at the appropriate time and keep it off during long hours of non-use. In that case, it electric water heater it could be equipped with a special timer so as to program it to switch on 3 hours before its intended use. Maybe by activating it when electricity costs less!

Always with a view to energy saving, another factor to consider is the water temperature. It will be necessary to adjust the thermostat of the electric water heater, in the winter months a temperature of 55 degrees will be more than sufficient, as 35-40 degrees will be adequate for the summer period. The higher the temperatures, the higher the consumption.

Pay attention to the energy label:energy saving water heater

Since September 2017, the energy classes have gone from A + to G. Until this date, for Italian buyers, it was not possible to find on the marketelectric water heaters of energy class A +. To know all the information onenergy efficiency classesof the water heaters and locate itenergy saving electric water heater best suited to your needs, read the page:electric water heater, energy class.

How to reduce the consumption of the water heater:location matters, and how!

Even the choice of the location of the water heater in the house cannot be random and deserves some attention.

A correct position of the water heater can in fact help the appliance to perform its function in the best possible way. A water heater that works well has less impact on your bill costs!

It is advisable to install the water heater as close as possible to the systems that have to use it (the shower, the bathtub, the sink ...) because doing so reduces the inevitable heat losses due to the passage of hot water in the pipes.

Do not underestimate the hypothesis of installing two smaller boilers as an alternative to a single larger boiler. It can help install a boiler large enough in the bathroom and a smaller one in the kitchen. Another useful precaution can be to avoid, where possible, to install the water heater near a window.

How much does the electric water heater consume

Oneelectric water heater dated does not know energy saving.

Consumption depends on the model and is indicated on the energy label. If you do not know where to find the product's energy label, you can use a current meter, available on Amazon for a few tens of euros.

To know how much does an electric water heater consumeyou can adopt a meter that is applied as a simple adapter to which you are going to connect the plug of the water heater before stick itinto the wall socket.

A decent consumption meter can be bought on Amazon at a price of 19.06 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

The device just indicated is very economical but does not allow you to accurately record the absorption of electric water heaterwhen it is in standby. If you also want to measure the consumption of the water heater in stand-by, you need a more precise meter. Among the various models on the market, the one with the best value for money can be bought with 29.99 euros and free shipping costs. For all product information:RCE PM600 precision meter, the meter is able to measure the absorption of even tenths of a watt (lamps, TV in stand by, decoder, microwave in stand by ...).

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