Spinach cultivation

Spinach cultivation

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The spinach they are a very versatile vegetable in the kitchen, why not grow them? There spinach cultivation it is a very simple procedure, it does not require special attention, just follow the basic rules: the climate, the soil and the water.

Spinac cultivationi, the climate
The spinach they are grown mainly in the northern regions, as there is a climate more suitable for this plant, which has, according to the variety, more or less large and more or less fleshy leaves.
The spinach therefore they must be planted in a place with a temperate and cool climate. It can withstand frosts down to temperatures reaching below freezing. The weak point of the plant is too much exposure to the sun.

Spinach cultivation, the terrain
The cultivation of spinach requires a medium-textured and draining soil to prevent stagnation of water. Periodically it is good to weed the soil, with the use of a rake or a weeder, to remove weeds and aerate the soil.
Before proceeding with sowing, the soil must be fertilized with manure or organic compost
Useful information: do not use fertilizers too rich in nitrogen, this substance easily accumulates in the leaves.

Spinach cultivation, the procedure
Cultivation is done by sowing in the period from March to November maintaining 2-3 week intervals, to obtain a continuous and constant harvest. For sowing it is sufficient to make holes of about 3 centimeters spaced between them by about 25 centimeters. After placing the seeds, it is necessary to cover the hole with the ground: it is good to cover the ground with a plastic sheet in case of cold weather conditions. The seedlings will begin to grow and at that point it will be necessary to remove some excess plants starting with the thinner ones, to leave only the strongest and most suitable for cultivation.

Spinach cultivation, the water
The plants should be watered when the soil is dry, taking care to avoid water stagnation that can cause the proliferation of insects and fungi.

Spinach cultivation, the harvest
When the spinach they will be ready to be harvested it will be sufficient to collect 4 to 6 leaves per plant, cutting them delicately with a scissors or a sharp knife, just be careful not to touch the central shoot, otherwise the plant will not produce other leaves.

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