Rules for the purchase and disposal of tires

Rules for the purchase and disposal of tires

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When you buy tires make sure the seller agrees to pay the environmental contribution for it disposal, which can be verified from the invoice or receipt. The contribution is important, even if in fact it is a small additional cost, because the collection and recycling of tires out of use (ELT) has always been a headache for the community.

The problem arises especially if you buy tires on the Internet and the seller, perhaps without your knowledge, is a commercial entity based abroad, which allows him to bypass the obligation of the environmental contribution.

According to the estimates of EcoTyre, the Italian consortium engaged in the collection and recycling of ELT, today the online purchase method covers about 3% of the tires, the equivalent of 2 million pieces and, at the end of their life, 12 thousand tons of ELT. Taken for granted these numbers, potential non-payment of environmental contribution would amount to approximately 5 million euros.

The (legal) evasion of the environmental contribution on disposal of used tires it does not offer any advantage to the consumer-citizen and has negative consequences, at least three, on the system. The first is the lack of revenue for the tax authorities (we are talking about about 1 million euros if the above figures are valid), due to the VAT applied to the contribution.

The second is that the unfair advantage on the sale price of tires obtained from the non-application of the contribution has discursive effects on competition and harms producers and importers who correctly apply the law and the contribution.

The third consequence is that these tires, not accounted for as placed on the market, once they have reached the end of their life and become ELT they fall on the community, for their collection and treatment, for an estimated cost of approximately 5 million euros.

So let's do the accounts ofbuying tires on the Internet: 1 million less revenue for the tax authorities, 5 million costs for collection and treatment: total 6 million. To which must be added sales proceeds difficult to calculate that end up in the pockets of foreign traders (not to be protectionists but ...). Question: is it worth it just to pay a few euros less for the purchase? Talk to your trusted tire dealer, you will certainly find an agreement.

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