Prefabricated wooden houses

Prefabricated wooden houses

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Prefabricated wooden houses: duration, factors to consider, times and costs. Info on turnkey prefabricated houses and planning.

Prefabricated houses in Italy

Until recently, the Italians underestimated the prefabricated wooden houses, yet, today they have become a full-blown reality. The wooden houses are a valid alternative to the classic houses made of concrete and bricks.

In many European countries, such as Australia, i prefabricated in wood they are widespread and cover a large part of the building demand. In Italy theprefabricated wooden housesspace is being made especially for flexibility and possible customizations. L'Italyranks fourth in Europe for the production of prefabricated wooden buildings. The companies that produceprefabricated wooden housesthey are concentrated mainly in three regions of Italy, on the podium: Trentino Alto Adige, Lombardy and Veneto.

The market estimate shows that out of every 100 new homes, 6 are made of wood.

Prefabricated wooden houses, advantages

The wooden houses, when made as a work of art, they offer a healthier environment for the inhabitants and, contrary to what one might imagine, there is a strong reduction of mold, humidity and bacteria, a real panacea for those suffering from asthma or other allergies.

Another positive factor concerns thermal insulation, especially during the summer months. The hygroscopic properties of wood are able to regulate the amount of humidity in the air both inside and around the house, thus reducing summer overheating and also the amount of heat accumulated inside the house. The low thermal conductivity of the wood plays a crucial role even during the winter months, when inside the home a heating system is active.

Energy efficiency is such that the quality of the casing made of wood leads to an energy saving of 80% compared to a building built with traditional criteria.

From an ecological point of view, the entire production process of prefabricated wooden houses, it is far more sustainable than traditional buildings. The processing of wood produces few CO2 emissions and also the end of the life cycle of the houses it is less polluting.

Unlike bricks, wood can be more easily disposed of or reused, no plans or creativity are needed prefabricated wooden house at the end of its life it can simply become fuel for a fireplace or boiler.

The construction times for the prefabricated wooden houses, are far inferior to those required for setting up a concrete and brick house. This means fewer workers and fewer dues to pay.

For those who live in earthquake-prone areas, the prefabricated wooden houses they are also safer than traditional ones. A prefabricated wooden house well structured, it is able to absorb without too many problems, the damage caused by an earthquake equal to the seventh degree of the Mercalli scale, for comparison, the earthquake that devastated L'Aquila was equal to 5.8 degrees. For more guarantees and reassurance in this regard, ask the specialized company that will provide you with the prefabricated house.

Prefabricated wooden house, durability

The prefabricated wooden houses they are durable and have a guarantee. The EuroBaltic firm, for example, offers wooden houses with a minimum duration of 100 years. Typically, when building a house of concrete and brick, the construction company offers a 10-year warranty. The guarantee offered by the manufacturers ofprefabricated wooden housesis generally 30 years old: extra reassurance for potential buyers.

As is clear, theprefabricated wooden housesthey have a certain duration and a longer-lasting guarantee than concrete houses, in addition, icostsmaintenance without leaving any nasty surprises to chance.

Prefabricated wooden houses, costs

Who has built a house, knows very well that unexpected events, design or plant problems can occur during construction work that see the final cost of the project rise.

The cost of a prefabricated wooden house does not fluctuate during the realization of the project. In addition, thecost of a prefabricated wooden housedoes not sufferprice increasesbased on the location of the property. The price, in fact, is based on skilled labor and on the construction site project, without geographical constraints.

Prefabricated turnkey wooden houses

Theturnkey prefabricated housesthey have nothing to do withmountain huts! Theturnkey wooden housesthey are made according to the customer's project.

Making the necessary generalizations, we can say that the final price of one turnkey prefabricated wooden house it can fluctuate from 1000 to 1800 euros per square meter according to customer requests.

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