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Ecobonus, extension 2017. All the info on 65% tax deductions for renovations and 50% deductions for furniture purchases and household appliances.

Ecobonus, extension 2017

With the new budget law, theecobonussaw an extension until 31 December 2017.

Ecobonus, how it works and what it consists of

L'ecobonusconsists of a 65% tax deduction on the expenses related to the interventions ofenergy requalification of buildings. For this reason, theecobonusit is also said65% bonus or deduction for building renovation.

The bonus, therefore, consists of oneIrpef or Ires discountapplied to a maximum spending limit that changes depending on the intervention performed. The 65% tax bonus is notcumulativewith the 50% deductions provided for by the restructuring bonus.

Who can access the deduction of 65% ofEcobonus?

Everyone who has a passable income of ires or personal income taxand who have incurred one of the expenses listed below. Let's see in detail the interventions that can take advantage of the 65% deductions.

Energy saving bonus or energy efficiency bonus 2017

Renovation interventions that provide for an energy redevelopment of the building have a deduction surplus of 15%, in other words the tax relief goes from the 50% provided for by the restructuring bonus up to 65% of the presentecobonus 2017.

Other deductible interventions: 50% bonus

  • 50% deduction on the cost of renovating the house without energy requalification.
  • 50% deductions for the purchase of furniture aimed at furnishing the renovated house.
  • Stoves, cupboards, sinks, hobs… tax deductions allow you to buy them at half price.
  • Bonus 50% also on the purchase of refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, built-in ovens, gas ranges, freezers. This measure is included in the appliance bonus.

At the beginning of the list we mentioned thedeductionsprovided for the purchase offurniture and appliances. In this case, the tax discount to be deducted at the time of the tax return amounts to 50% of the expense. This 50% deduction is foreseen fromappliance bonuses and furniture bonuses, these incentives have been described in detail in the articleHow to access the mobile bonus.

Ecobonus 2017, which interventions are deductible

There are many interventions aimed atenergy saving of the buildingwho can access the 65% bonus. In this paragraph we will list which ones:

  • Energy efficiency renovation
    In practice, all the redevelopment works aimed at reducing the energy needs of the building. The maximum expenditure ceiling is 100,000 euros. The 65% bonus also applies to the condominium.
  • Thermal improvement of the building envelope
    So let's talk about window replacement, insulation (internal or external thermal insulation, renovation of the building envelope ...) insulation of floors, roof insulation ... In this case, the maximum ceiling is 60,000 euros.
  • Installation of solar panels
    The maximum limit is 60,000 euros.
  • Replacement of winter air conditioning systems
    It will be necessary to replace the old systems with new condensing boilers. The maximum ceiling is 30,000 euros.
  • Replacement of the traditional water heater
    The old water heater will have to be replaced with heat pump models dedicated to the production of domestic hot water. Maximum ceiling of 30,000 euros.
  • Purchase and installation of solar shading
    You can buy sun screens such as shutters, shutters, awnings… The maximum ceiling is 60,000 euros.
  • Purchase and installation of winter air conditioning systems
    There is talk of incentives for the purchase of advanced stoves and biomass boilers. Maximum expenditure 30,000 euros.
  • Purchase, installation and commissioning of home automation systems
    There is also talk of home automation bonus, you can bring the deduction to 65% for purchases of multimedia devices designed to remotely control all the air conditioning systems (winter or summer) of the house.

Ecobonus 2017, requirements and documents

In order to obtain thededuction at 65%, it is necessary to use a qualified technician to obtain certification attesting to the improvement in energy efficiency obtained with the building renovation.

Even the expenses incurred to appoint the qualified technician can be deducted at the time of the declaration of income.

How to access the bonus? Within 90 days of the end of the renovation works, the copy of the Energy Certification Certificate (APE or ACE) or energy performance certificate issued by the technician must be sent to Enea. The energy performance certificate is always necessary except for the interventions of:

  • Replacement of fixtures
  • Replacement of winter air conditioning systems
  • Installation of solar panels

In addition to the APE drawn up by the technician, it will be necessary to transmit electronically (online, through the official website) the information sheet relating to the interventions carried out.

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