What is the quality of water in Italy?

What is the quality of water in Italy?

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What is the water quality in Italy? water we mean public, the one we are used to taking for granted (perhaps for this reason we waste a lot of it) and which instead represents one of the most precious and exhaustible resources we have. Well, in Italy the water resources are overall sufficient to satisfy the needs deriving from civil and productive uses; the problem (for now) is not the quantity but the water quality, the management and correct use of the resource.

Yes, in Italy water resources are temporarily sufficient but network leaks, inadequate or insufficient sewage system, poorly managed or non-existent purifiers and a quality scarce ecological (just think that a third of surface water bodies and 11% of underground ones do not reach the objectives set by Europe) make the emergency remain water one of the topics constantly on the agenda in Italy.

That is why in the chapter on water and water quality the ninth National Programmatic Assembly is dedicated, which will take place on Monday 15 July in Rome, in preparation for the States General of the Green Economy, the event organized by the National Council of the Green Economy, in collaboration with the Ministries of the Environment and Economic Development and with the technical support of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, scheduled for November 6 and 7 in Rimini as part of Ecomondo.

On the topic of Water, from the point of view of the management of water resources as well as of water quality, and the States General of the Green Economy have dedicated one of the two new working groups that joined the initial eight, the other is the Regions-Local Authorities which will hold its programmatic Assembly in September 2013.

Gianni Squitieri of the Sustainable Development Foundation is the coordinator of the working group on water, which includes: Francesco Ciancaleoni (Area Ambiente Territorio - Coldiretti); Giulio Conte (Environment Italy);Luigi Del Giacco (Federutility);Alfredo Di Domenicantonio (Tiber River Basin Authority);Barbara Di Rollo (responsible for remediation and irrigation policies - CIA); Roberto Farina (manager of water resource management laboratory - ENEA Bologna); Roberto Mazzini (President - Milano DEPUR spa); Giuseppe Mininni (CNR waters - CTS Ecomondo); Ciro Pignatelli (Foundation for Sustainable Development); Enrico Rolle (University of Rome La Sapienza1); Gabriela Scanu (Ministry of the Environment); Francesco Tresso (Partner JPE 2010 - Hydrodata Spa); Massimo Troncon (Ladurner Srl).

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