Feng Shui furniture, guidelines

Feng Shui furniture, guidelines

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Feng shui decor:rules, light, ornamental plants and all the concepts that revolve around the balance of interior design.

Feng shui, what is it

Feng shui is the art of furnishing. It is a philosophical system that aims to harmonize the integration of man into the surrounding environment, be it a bedroom, a bathroom, a garden or the entire house. TheFeng shuiis closely related toTaoism and it is one of the five Chinese Arts.

L'Feng shui decoraims to achieve a perfect harmony of appearances (shapes, lines, elements, colors, spaces…) using the guidelines and basic principles of oriental philosophy.

Feng shui, colors and materials

According toFeng Shui, L'furniturein blue and light blue it can reinforce the serenity of the family. In theFeng Shui furniturebetter to avoid the red color: a red sofa or chair could bring pressure at work and further stress in dealing with the obstacles of everyday life.

If you intend to choose icolorsof your new home using the principles of Feng Shui we refer you to the pagehow to paint the bedroomwhere we have listed, color by color, the meaning attributed byFeng Shui decor.

As for the materials, natural ones with a low environmental impact are to be preferred: thefeng shui furniturebio architecture really likes! Wood is one of the most used materials. Wood expresses concentration and wisdom and for this reason it is particularly suitable for the office and study.

Feng shui and environment

Environmental scientists and landscape architects study a lot the techniques and principles of Feng Shui even if, in Western architecture, Feng Shui is not seen as a philosophy but as a mere Asian architectural technique.

Feng shui decor

But when we talk aboutFeng Shui decor, what are we referring to? TheFeng Shuiit is an ancient Chinese philosophy which attributes to the positioning and physical characteristics of a house a certain influence on the health and life of an individual. This is why we aim for perfect harmony and full integration between man and the surrounding environment.

The Feng Shui it is not just a theory because if you stop to think how much the space around you can influence you ... you will understand that there is a lot of truth in this philosophy.

The living space can greatly influence a person's mood and character. To design a room or an entire house following the philosophy ofFeng Shuiit is necessary to follow some general guidelines.

Feng shui, light and ornamental plants

The key toFeng Shui decortakes advantage of natural light. It is the light that brings energy into your life: open shutters and windows, let the sun penetrate as much as possible into your home. Light is a great activator of Yang as are plants.

Green plants can bring joy and happiness. Better to cool the house with natural ventilation, this too can fill your life with positive energy and in addition help you tosave electricity!For the choice of green indoor plants, make use of "Indoor ornamental plants" which deals with evergreen ornamental plants that grow well indoors.

Feng Shui furniture in the dining room and / or kitchen

L'furnitureof the dining room should feature a round table. According to Feng Shuithe circles symbolize heavenly protection. The dining room chairs should be comfortable and even numbered if one can be afforded for the other roomsfurnituremore pretentious, for the kitchen you prefer a simple style, why? At the table you should never be distracted by food! Simple lines, natural light and real plants also in the kitchen.

Bad for sloping roofs and exposed beams, these elements can channel negative energy flows that can undermine daily psychophysical well-being. Better to hide the beams with a false ceiling especially if they are just above the bed, the fireplace, the desk or the dining table. If you really don't want to set up a false ceiling, hang some flutes in styleFeng Shuiwhich create 45 degree angles with the beam.

Feng shui furniture in the bedroom

For furnish a bedroomfollowing the rules and principles ofFeng Shuiwe invite you to read the dedicated article:Feng Shui in the bedroom where we will talk aboutmirrors, position of the bed, doors, colors and disturbing elements not to be introduced into the bedroom.

You may also be interested in our related article: How to furnish a home in a sustainable way.

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