Twestival is back in Milan, what is it?

Twestival is back in Milan, what is it?

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What is the Twestival? It is the most important participatory fundraising event in the world organized and promoted entirely through social media, Twitter in particular. Born in London on 25 September 2008, the Twestival has become the festival of social networks and offers the opportunity to get to know each other personally to the thousands of people who know each other on the web every day.

The Twestival however, it also concretizes the strength of the network when it comes to solidarity projects, becoming much more effective and engaging than television. Today the purpose of the Twestival that are organized around the world is in fact to encourage mutual interaction between people and support from time to time (with fundraising) charitable associations in their work.

For example, on the occasion of the return of the Twestival in Milan on 3 October 2013 (the event has already been in the city in 2011) the team of Milan Twestival has chosen to donate the entire proceeds of the event to the Atlha ONLUS association that takes care of the free time of disabled people to promote wider social integration.

Physically the event Milan Twestival (#MilanTwestival) will take place at Cascina Bellaria, the welcoming headquarters of Atlha ONLUS housed in the Trenno Park (via Cascina Bellaria 90, Milan). During the evening there will be gastronomic events entrusted to the students of the Amerigo Vespucci Hotel School, live music, award ceremonies and meetings with the main influencers of the network world.

Like the network from which it was born, the Twestival is open to those who want to support or even just participate., the Italian personal fundraising portal, has made its platform available to Milan Twestival for the collection of online donations and for the activation of fundraising initiatives for those who want to support the project by involving their social network by all means. communication of the web and social media.

The organizers are keen to emphasize that the entire organization of the Twestival is based on the free work of volunteers, donations from participants and sponsors who wish to join the project. Anyone who wants to collaborate in the realization of the event can still do it. Below you will find the links for contacts.


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