Wind energy in the Adriatic sea: is it possible?

Wind energy in the Adriatic sea: is it possible?

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Pale wind turbines in Adriatic Sea: it's possible? The convenience of producing wind energy in Adriatic is at the center of the European cross-border program Powered - Project of Offshore Wind Energy: research, experimentation, development - which is about to enter the operational evaluation phase.

Lead partner of the Powered project for the production of wind energy in sea Adriatic is the Abruzzo Region, to which the Marche, Puglia and Molise Regions, the Province of Ravenna, the Ministry of the Environment, the University of Marche, the Cetma Consortium, the company 'Micoperi Marine Contractors' and the Veneto Agriculture. For Croatia, the Municipality of Komiza adheres, for Montenegro the Ministry of Economy (Energy Department), for Albania the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Energy.

The purpose of the Powered project is not yet the production of wind energy up Adriatic through the installation of blades wind turbines, but rather the production of a document for the evaluation of the possibilities of valorisation of the wind resource in offshore plants in the area Adriatic.

The phase of evaluating the possibility of producing wind energy in sea Adriatic provides for the installation of anemometric towers, which serve to verify the potential of the wind, both on land and in sea, in each of the countries participating in the project. The anemometric towers will be used to collect the necessary data to evaluate the technical feasibility and economic convenience of producing wind energy in Adriatic.

The data collected will flow into a network provided, installed and managed by the Polytechnic University of Marche, the project's scientific contact. The final result will be an important and necessary document for the evaluation not only of the costs-benefits related to the production of wind energy in Adriatic but also of the interactions between the parks wind turbines, the environment marine and the human activities connected to it.

The participation of Veneto Agriculture in the Powered project is linked to the possibility of installing one of the anemometric towers in Caorle (VE) within its Valle Vecchia company, for which the authorization request is in progress. Veneto Agriculture will investigate in particular the impacts of installing blades wind turbines for the production of wind energy in Adriatic on the environment marine and coastal, on economic activities related to sea Adriatic (fishing in particular) and on the environmental mitigation works related to these works.

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