Cogeneration and energy smart grids: resource for municipalities

Cogeneration and energy smart grids: resource for municipalities

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Cogeneration plant in the Municipality of Fossano (Cuneo)

There cogeneration, that is, the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, allows you to produce electricity at a cost well below the purchase price of energy from the network and the same also applies to the self-production of heat. Installed plants of cogeneration in optimal conditions, with very high annual hours of use, they have payback times of 2-3 years. Facilities of cogeneration collectives need smart grid energetic.

There cogenerationit is so interesting that even ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, sees for its members the opportunity to generate important benefits in economic and environmental terms through the adoption of cogeneration, contextually to the creation of smart grid energetic. According to ANCI, present at the Verona Efficiency Summit held on 9 October as part of the Smart Energy Expo, cogeneration is smart grid are fundamental tools for the development of energy efficiency.

Why the cogeneration can play an important role? Because the Italian prices of methane gas and electricity, significantly higher than the European average (up to 25% more), hinder the competitiveness of Italian companies on international markets. The cost for the supply of energy (electricity and heat) weighs on the profitability of the company. According to the Energy Efficiency Report of the Politecnico di Milano, in some industrial sectors the weight of the energy bill exceeds 5% of company turnover and impacts on average 34% on the gross operating margin.

In light of all this, the project of the Forum of the cogeneration, which will be held in 2014 during the second edition of the Verona fair. ANCI is the first signatory of the project, which now counts on the support of other local entities. The purpose of the Cogeneration Forum will be to facilitate local public bodies in accessing energy efficiency and saving solutions for citizens based on cogeneration is smart grid energetic.

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