Fly to Dubai Ecojumbo, the Italian electric scooter

Fly to Dubai Ecojumbo, the Italian electric scooter

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Walter Pilloni with Ecojumbo

Fly to Dubai Ecojumbo, lo electric scooter L3 best-selling in Italy, invented, designed and built in Italy. And whether to propose electric vehicles to those sitting on oil wells it seems like an impossible mission, so you don't know the inventor and builder of the electric scooter Ecojumbo, Walter Pilloni.

Let's start from the beginning. Ecojumbo it is electric scooter produced by the Genoese Ecomission, a business branch of Teknit srl. At the time of writing (October 2013) Teknit is the only company authorized by the Ministry of Transport to be able to stamp the progressive number on the frames of its scooter electrical directly on the assembly line. Approved for Teknit by the English VCA with the support of the TUV laboratories in Turin, since 2010 Ecojumbo has been a leader in sales.

The electric scooter Italian at Gulf Bike Week Dubai (24-26 October): why this Pilloni trip? "I know it may seem absurd and yet this time too I let myself be carried away by my instincts and go to Dubai to breathe some fresh air. We will see the results, but whatever happens it will be a success since everyone is talking about us and our entrepreneurial courage at a time when we are afraid even to leave the house ".

Ecomission will also be at EICMA in Milan and then in Barcelona for an important fair on electric mobility. Nothing strange, at the Gulf Bike Week Ecojumbo will instead be the only one electric scooter of the fair. It all started with the Ecojumbo drive test carried out in Ronco Scrivia by professional rider Nicolò Canepa (former 2009 STOCK 1000 world champion), current Ducati test rider and Ducati rider.

Nicolò Canepa at the Ecojumbo test drive

Power of social media: “The test drive video was uploaded to you tube and seen by over 2000 people in 2 months,” explains Pilloni. "Someone from Dubai also saw it and an invitation to talk about our electric mobility project was born." Which is unbelievable: despite the fact that gasoline costs 30 euro cents per liter in Dubai, some people there think that electric mobility will be the future. “In reality, in the whole sector there is already much more than you think; there are cities where vehicles with internal combustion engines can no longer even enter ”, underlines Pilloni.

One electric scooter (performing, it must be said) among the beasts of the road in Dubai Marina, and he is Italian, Genoese. Ecomission started in 2007 with the idea of ​​developing Ecojumbo in China with a local partner and in fact it did so for two years under Italian control. “Then we had to change our minds about the ability of our partners to carefully follow the instructions given and as the quality and management problems increased we had to make the decision to return to Italy”, explains Pilloni.

A relocation on the contrary: "This painful decision proved to be decisive from the point of view of success on a market that still offers only modestly made import vehicles, and where one was missing electric scooter with the performance of ecojumbo. Ecomission by choice has no resellers: the relationship with customers is direct, which allows you to cut distribution costs. The production line, they say from Genoa, is working at full capacity.

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