Also in 2014 the Ecobonus for household appliances

Also in 2014 the Ecobonus for household appliances

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An intelligent gift that comes from the Stability Law approved today, 23 December, which also confirmed for 2014 the Ecobunus government for the purchase of domestic appliances energy class A +. Intelligent because, despite the incentive logic always present risks, the 2013 incentives are favoring the recovery of the domestic appliances in Italy.

To say it is AIRES, the Italian Retailer Association Domestic appliances Specialized, in light of sales figures. The analysis of the monthly turnover achieved in the stores of the companies participating in AIRES (the data collected and processed by the Accenture company) confirms a positive trend for the month of November compared to last year.

In the four-month period of validity of the Ecobonus monitored by the survey, there was a constant and growing plus sign in the large sector domestic appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, ovens, etc.) compared to the same months in 2012: + 3.6% in August, + 2.6% in September, + 5.4% in October, + 11% in November.

Positive is also the fact that the turnaround in sales in the large sector domestic appliances has contributed, together with the growth of telephony and the positive trend of information technology (especially smartphones and tablets) to support the entire technology sector, with overall sales growing in November by 2.11% compared to the same month in 2012.

The Eco-bonus on household appliances confirmed for 2014 allow for an income tax deduction of up to 50% of the expense for the purchase of domestic appliances energy class A + or higher if sustained in the face of a building renovation.

The AIRES General Manager, Davide Rossi, expressed satisfaction with the confirmation of theEco-bonus appliances in 2014 but preferred to remain cautious stating that it will be necessary to better understand the scope of the changes introduced compared to the provisions of the law in force in 2013. It will also be necessary to work with the Government and with the Revenue Agency, he said, to avoid unnecessary complications for taxpayers.

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