Eco-sustainable life is learned at the Abode of Being

Eco-sustainable life is learned at the Abode of Being

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A taste of eco-sustainable life, in harmony and peace with nature, a few steps from the spa town of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), on the hills of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. It is there that Angelo Benedetto and Maddalena founded the Dimora dell’Essere, a temple that celebrates the style ofeco-sustainable life offering everyone the concrete opportunity to experience a natural life, immersed in beauty and "green".

1) When were you born and with which mission? What are your priorities?

A little more than 2 years ago we moved to this magical place, the hills of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, a few kilometers from Bologna, we called it "The Abode of Being"And we immediately created the association of the same name, dedicated to eco-sustainable life. This place cannot be for just two people, we: we want to share it and make it grow. We therefore organize days of contact with the Earth, also linked tonatural agriculture, let's make new experiences of eco-sustainable life that everyone learns while having fun. The result is always a surprise!

2) What do you organize to promote your “green” values? What feedback do you get?

People from all over and of all ages come to the Dimora. We don't want to teach anyone anything, we like to show and experience that change is possible. We are very attentive to a style of eco-sustainable life, above all by reducing waste and making the best use of the resources that nature itself makes available to us. We organize monthly events to share knowledge and also very practical knowledge related to a conduct of eco-sustainable life, to self-procurement, to barter and are very successful. Those who leave always testify to a new enthusiasm for life!

3) What can those who come to visit you see?

We are on the top of a hill, between the gullies and the woods that we are recovering to soon create a agri camping. We have a beautiful synergistic garden which is like a mandala. What is most striking is the great peace that is breathed here at the Dimora, where life truly is eco-sustainable life, where the human eye can roam freely, embracing an area that goes from the sea to the mountains. In spring we will start self-construction workshops of the association's headquarters in earth, wood and straw and that too will be a work of art integrated into nature.

4) Do you organize special initiatives for schools?

We are educational farm, but for the moment we are focusing more on public events open to all, not specifically for school groups. When we will be a real ecovillage, and other people will be here with us choosing to do one eco-sustainable life 100%, we will certainly activate naturalistic and didactic itineraries dedicated to schools of all levels and levels. Sometimes we go to some elementary schools to tell about our experience by promoting what can be actions related to sustainability, the children are really attracted to it.

5) What interest have the institutions and administrations, local and not, shown in your reality?

The first thing we wanted to do when arriving here was to go and present to the Municipality, telling the various interlocutors what our project was, because we believe it is sensible and feasible only with collaboration of institutions local. They were first curious, then enthusiastic! In recent years we have done many activities dedicated to the styles of eco-sustainable life: we will go on like this, with great transparency and enthusiasm. We also have excellent relationships with other associations and a special agreement with the University of Engineering of Bologna which is having degree theses made on the materials that we will use to self-build the straw structures.

6) What does the Energia che Libera project consist of?

This place will soon be powered only by renewable energy sources thus becoming an energy educational farm. People, even the smallest ones, will be able to come and experience the different sources that can make a very normal house totally passive. We will hold meetings about it and bring our experience to schools. But let's also talk about energy and water efficiency, high energy efficiency building, the use of natural materials to create low energy consumption houses by combining traditional construction techniques and local architectural language with efficiency and technological innovation. We will prove that it is possible to conduct one eco-sustainable life.

7) Do you think there is greater awareness among citizens of the importance of a sustainable lifestyle today?
Absolutely yes, there is always more! Places like this are important because here everyone can enjoy the wonder and abundance of nature, respecting it. This bodes well for everyone's future! The meetings we organize are increasingly popular, because more and more people perceive that this is the eco-sustainable life it is the best way to everyone's happiness and it is not that difficult to achieve.

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