How to decorate a small terrace

How to decorate a small terrace

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Furnish a small terrace it is a difficult but not impossible mission: special attention must be paid to the choice of furniture elements and space management. Many tips are available in our guide article "how to furnish a terrace ", here we will see specific strategies for small balconies and terraces.

For those who do not have a garden, the terrace it could be the only possibility to sit outside and enjoy some sun or an open-air lunch. In this context also a small terrace it can be made comfortable and ready for the purpose.

In thefurnish a small terrace be it large, remember to choose chairs or tables that are resistant to bad weather and above all that do not fade in direct exposure to UV rays. Being a small terrace better to choose essential elements starting from the table and chairs: wrought iron can be a fairly compact solution as well as the wood of a small bistro terrace.

If you choose wooden furniture accessories, keep in mind that, in the winter months, these must be packed and sheltered. If you are not planning on spending evenings with friends, a bistro table for two will be perfect for romantic breakfasts and dinners.

To prevent such essential tables and chairs from putting sadness in the environment, add a touch of color with a pillow and some flowers, just as shown in the photo below.

In thefurnish a small terrace add accessories that invite you to sit and relax on a balmy evening: choose colors that enhance the setting and get help from Mother Nature by adding a touch of green.

Being a small terrace, try to use only a few colors, so as not to generate confusion: in small spaces the disorder immediately catches the eye, few colors will give the environment a more orderly appearance. In this context he will come to your aid Mother Nature offering you a large number of plants. Remember to choose the plants based on the exposure of your balcony /terrace,in this regard we point out:

  • Flowers that grow well in full sun
  • Flowers that grow well in the shade
  • The flowers that resist the cold

To make the most of all the spaces, you can place the flowering plants in hanging pots to be fixed to the wall or to the balcony (railing). Taking advantage of the walls you could set up a small vertical garden but always without exaggerating.

In thefurnish a small terrace also pay particular attention to the lighting system: a series of LED lights may be more than enough to ensure the lighting of small spaces.

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