Biomethane source of income: this is discussed at Agroenergia

Biomethane source of income: this is discussed at Agroenergia

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The production of biomethane from agricultural biomass can become an income integration tool for farmers. There are three incentive methods: enter the biomethane online at an attractive price for the manufacturer; use the biomethane as biofuel for automotive (with a bonus for those who create refueling stations); use the biomethane for the combined production of electricity and heat through cogeneration plants.

The recent decree on biomethane, green methane obtained from agricultural biomasses, intended as the product of the anaerobic digestion of matrices consisting of by-products or products of biological origin. The possibility of using is excluded, at least for the moment biomethane produced from unsorted municipal solid waste, from the treatment of sludge and from gases from landfill fumes.

On balance, the use of the biomethane as a fuel for road transport it seems the most feasible and convenient prospect in the short term. Of this opinion, for example, Piero Mattiolo, CEO of Agroenergia - annual conference exhibition on the calendar on 13 and 14 in Tortona (Alessandria) - who presenting the event underlined how all the most advanced countries are enhancing the use of biomethane in transport.

The 2014 appointment of Agroenergia takes on particular importance because it is the first occasion in which the themes of biomethane and biogas will be publicly discussed in Italy after the signing of the decree defining the incentive production lines. And while waiting for the European indications about the biogas quality specifications that it will be possible to put on the network or use or sell for transport, even on their own by the farmers-producers of biogas who want to build refueling stations becoming biofuel distributors.

A few numbers. Today in Italy the biogas sector e biomethane it employs 14,500 people and has 600 companies, 80% of which are owned by Italian companies or groups. The plants have quadrupled in number over a five-year period, from 240 in 2009 to 1000 and beyond in 2013. The agro-energy sector is in turmoil in anticipation of future developments and the discussion is lively even among those who hypothesize a completely electric future. (with a prevalence of photovoltaic and wind) and considers biogas e biomethane only an intermediate step.

Free participation in Agroenergia in Tortona on February 13-14.

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