Photovoltaic tiles, guaranteed integration

Photovoltaic tiles, guaranteed integration

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Photovoltaic tiles and photovoltaic tiles are the new frontier of integrated photovoltaics in buildings. Why roof tiles e photovoltaic tiles do they walk arm in arm?

After the panels to be installed on the roof or in the garden, the tiles and the photovoltaic tiles they represent an excellent alternative for those who cannot appreciate the charm of solar modules on their roof or for those who cannot give up a walkable surface;

in this context, photovoltaic tiles completely eliminate the problem related to the aesthetic factor: the installation of solar panels is not only unsightly, it is often prohibited by regional regulations. A solar tile completely eliminates the problems related to the impact on the landscape. In the second category resides those who do not want to give up a walkable surface, this is where the walkable photovoltaic tiles.

The photovoltaic tiles combine the typical roofing properties of ceramics with the technological qualities of photovoltaic modules with all the savings in terms of energy savings, building energy certification and environmental impact. In essence, these are ceramic roofs covered with a photovoltaic unit. Just like solar tiles, they can win the title of "total integration" in the installation surface.

The photovoltaic tiles, as well as solar tiles, have no landscape constraints and if we consider that about 50% of the Italian territory is subject to landscape constraints, it is obvious that the photovoltaic tiles, together with the tiles, can offer new opportunities for the application of photovoltaic especially for domestic residences.

Walkable photovoltaic tiles bring countless advantages:

  • they are fully integrated
  • they are not subject to landscape restrictions
  • they do not require high installation costs (they are installed as simple floor tiles)
  • minimize the aesthetic impact of a solar power plant
  • they do not sacrifice walkable surfaces
  • the use of photovoltaic tiles allows you to access the increased incentives provided by the Energy Bill for innovative solar systems for architectural integration in buildings
  • they increase the energy efficiency of the building allowing a large saving in the bill, an increase in the value of the structure and an increase in the energy class of the building

There are different types of on the market photovoltaic tiles, does not miss the made in Italy with a product born and developed in the city of Bologna. The photovoltaic tiles developed in Italy include the photovoltaic unit inserted on floor tiles of porcelain stoneware. The solutions proposed by the Italian market of the Bolognese company are two, the first involves the application of a thin amorphous silicon film on the stoneware, while the second type involves the application on the surface of the tile of CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium and Selenium), another material that manages to integrate well with the ceramic allowing it to become like the cell of the photovoltaic module.

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