Creative reuse in Architecture

Creative reuse in Architecture

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The creative reuse in architecture can be divided into two main categories, on the one hand we can speak of a creative reusewhich involves the transformation of the material now at the end of its life cycle and on the other hand, materials can be used as they are, making only limited changes. To better understand what has just been said, we report some practical examples.

Creative reuse in Architecture with the transformation of waste products
In this contest the waste products are processed and manage to give life to new materials.


Creative reuse in Architecture with the readjustment of waste products
The object at the end of its life cycle is readapted to perform an aesthetic or mechanical function.

The first major category includes ELTs, end-of-life tires. The rubber of the car wheels is "finely chopped" and treated with an elastomer, the material obtained will make up floors or upholstery in new buildings, gymnasiums or sports fields. The glass of the classic bottles can be worked and transformed into plates to be used in architecture.

Similarly, the creative reuse of the materials just mentioned can give life to outdoor furnishing accessories, seats or tables in the case of creative recycling of ELTs, while if we look at glass bottles, these, with creative reuse, have been used for the construction of an entire Buddhist temple, Wat Lan Kuad, made with more than one and a half million recycled beer bottles.


L'architecture chose the beer bottles for the creative reuse through the transformation of glass. Just as the rubber from ELTs is ground, the beer bottle transformation process begins with crushing. The material obtained at the end of the process of transforming the bottles into disuse is called "Green Stone ". Green Stone is obtained by crushing the glass bottles and combining them with a particular type of ash obtained from a by-product of thermoelectric power plants. Once the compound has been poured into the appropriate molds, this new resistant material with great aesthetic impact is obtained. An entire villa in Las Vegas was built with this material.

If the Wat Lan Kuad Thai Temple took advantage of the creative reuse without transforming the bottles, the Las Vegas villa has seen a more complex but equally low environmental impact recycling system.


To play a crucial role in the creative reuse in Architecture are pallets and containers. There are numerous container houses around the Globe, this type of home seems to be lacking for nothing: containers are used as modular boxes, several boxes can be joined together and obviously here too there is a re-adaptation with the addition of panels insulators and photovoltaic roofs.

In our photo above you can see a lot of solution creative! Don't be fooled, this is not a mere piece of furniture: the manager of the venue needed to build a stage for live music evenings, a need that he satisfied by hosting a real truck destined for burglary! The place in question is located in the Campania Shopping Center, Marcianise - Hold Me Again.

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