Irrigation systems, here's how to choose

Irrigation systems, here's how to choose

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There are several irrigation systems that meet the various cultural needs. Between irrigation systems present, we must be careful to choose the most suitable for our cultivation both to avoid water waste and not to damage the crops.

THE irrigation systems that can be used in the small home garden are mainly four:

  • irrigationby sprinkling, more commonly saidirrigationrain
  • irrigation for lateral sliding-infiltration inside the furrows
  • irrigation by means of hoses and perforated tubes
  • irrigation drop

We will analyze the various ones one by one systems for irrigating the garden or vegetable garden so as to make it easier to choose the irrigation system best suited to your needs.

Sprinkler or sprinkler irrigation
THE irrigation systems at rain they are suitable for crops such as rocket, lettuce and cut chicory. It is adopted exclusively after sowing so as to stimulate sprouting in the very early stages of growth.
Sprinkler or sprinkler irrigation, how much it costs
Who wants to adopt this system to irrigate the garden will not have to face large expenses: an irrigator capable of generating finely divided jets of water must be added to the classic water pipe. For large fields, there are much more sophisticated, larger and expensive sprinkler irrigation systems, we refer you to the article "Irrigation systems in industrial agriculture".
Sprinkler or sprinkler irrigation, when avoiding
This must be avoided irrigation method on crops already grown, as the distribution of water on the vegetation can favor the development of fungal diseases. Who owns only this irrigation system, on crops already grown can irrigate in the early hours of the morning, when the sunlight is stronger, the leaves will already be dry (the risk of fungal diseases is lowered).

Irrigation by lateral sliding-infiltration into furrows
It is among the irrigation systems older. It is used for irrigate crops such as tomato, aubergine, pepper, courgette, lettuce, radicchio, endive…. With this irrigation system water is allowed to flow between one bed and another, in special furrows prepared before planting or even before sowing.
Irrigation by lateral sliding-infiltration into furrows, how much does it cost
The costs are zero as you don't have to buy any sprinklers. The only costs to be faced are those related to water waste.
Irrigation by lateral sliding-infiltration into furrows, when avoiding
It is avoided with cut vegetables such as chicory and cut lettuce, cut chard and other vegetables that require a long harvest period: the lateral furrows (which, depending on the region are called porche, prose, prosone, magoli, colmini or past) can make the collection operation difficult. It should also be avoided in crops particularly sensitive to rot.

Irrigation by means of hoses and perforated pipes
This irrigation system provides for the use of hoses and perforated pipes in plastic material that can also be prepared under the mulch. It is the ideal system for irrigate tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and many other vegetables (actually, with the right precautions it is possible irrigate virtually any agricultural crop). Thanks to that irrigation system water waste is cut because small quantities of water are required and must be administered repeatedly.
Irrigation by means of hoses and perforated pipes, how much does it cost
Prices depend on the complexity of the irrigation system that you intend to set up. Hoses and pipes must be inserted with care, laid out so that no bends or bottlenecks occur, the flowerbed must be taken care of: any obstacles that could compromise the flow of water must be eliminated.
Irrigation by means of hoses and perforated pipes, when avoiding
L'irrigation by means of hoses and perforated pipes is always recommended especially if it is connected to a control unit capable of programming the irrigations.

For drip irrigation, please refer to the article "How to build a drip irrigation system"While those who cultivate a vegetable garden on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden, arranged in containers, may find interesting our in-depth analysis dedicated to "Systems for irrigating pots".

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