Earth Day with photos of the heroes

Earth Day with photos of the heroes

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Protagonists of the 44th Earth Day they are the group of Roman agricultural entrepreneurs who bet on respect for the territory and the seasons by focusing on gentle agriculture, the team of young Milanese designers who make reuse their added value and the municipality of Friuli that brings self-produced energy into the homes of the inhabitants with the biomass obtained from the cleaning of the woods.

And again: the Sicilian village that recovers the traditional donkeys to collect waste door to door, the custodians of the Giugliano landfill, in Campania, in the middle of the land of fires, who despite everything continue to fight for legality and 'environment.

The photographic exhibition that opens in Rome on April 22 is dedicated to these Heroes of the Earth, Earth Day, with shots by great Italian photographers and the Schoot4Change network including: Gianni Berengo Gardin, Massimo Vitali, Pippo Onorati, Toni Thorimbert, Francesco Zizola, Riccardo Venturi, Giovanni Gastel, Settimio Benedusi.

The exhibition is entitled Let's change the climate and is organized by Earth Day Italia and Shoot4Change in collaboration with the World Bank; will be open to visitors from 22 to 29 April at the MAXXIMuseum for 21st Century Contemporary Arts.

The exhibition at MAXXI, which celebrates the 44th edition, has closed Earth Day, the exhibition will be donated to the City of Rome and the photographs moved to the Janiculum Hill, in Piazza Garibaldi, from 1 to 11 May. Finally, the exhibition will be transferred to the Elsa Morante Center, a cultural center in the Roman suburbs, where it will remain on permanent display.

There Earth Day, established by the United Nations and dedicated in 2014 to the theme of green cities, is promoted by Earth Day which operates in our country through Earth Day Italy. In addition to the photographic exhibition, the program of celebrations includes the 0 km marathon of Monday 21 April in the Aniene Valley Nature Reserve and the Concerto per la Terra by singer Arisa on April 15 at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan (it will be re-broadcast on April 22 at 12.30 on LA7).

There Earth Day it serves to reflect. Despite the efforts and the nice words, we get a slap from the United Nations: every year we increase the emission of greenhouse gases by 1 billion tons and just read the latest IPCC report - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to understand that little remains time to reverse a trend that risks getting out of control.

What to do? Earth Day says: it would be enough to give up an infinitesimal share of world GDP to save the Earth, but nobody seems able to do so. Here then is the action from below: in a context in which governments struggle to control global warming, the role of citizens becomes even more important. There are 7 billion people in the world whose voting, purchasing and consumption choices can generate more change than imagined. There Earth Day it serves to realize this.

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