Food moths: the biological remedy

Food moths: the biological remedy

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If you have overrun the kitchen food moths, a good remedy is the entomological pheromone trap. Clean, ecological and simple to apply, it acts without the danger of food contamination because it does not contain poison and is completely odorless for humans.

A trap of this type is used to attract and capture food moths more than to keep them away, so as to know the extent of the attack and to limit the reproduction possibilities of these pests.

The functioning of an entomological trap for food moths is based on the biological action of pheromones, volatile substances emitted by insects for the exchange of information related to the performance of vital functions such as the search for food, reproduction or defense from enemies.

The pheromones used to capture the food moths are the sexual attractants emitted by female moths which, chemically synthesized, are placed in special capsules placed in turn inside adhesive traps. Capturing male insects limits and ultimately impedes the chances of reproduction.

This system can be particularly useful where an infestation of food moths, perhaps combined with a natural ecological moth that can also be prepared at home with the DIY.

An entomological trap for food moths it doesn't cost much and if you have trouble finding it you can buy it on Amazon. Here are the links for your choice that you can find on the net:

Swississimo - Food moth trap

Celaflor - Food moth trap

Detia - Traps for food moths

The food moths, also called càmole, they prefer cereals and flours in general, but if you have found traces of their presence, inspect everything you keep in the pantry, including dried fruit and pet food (bags of crunchies to be clear). Then place the traps.

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