How to take care of orchids

How to take care of orchids

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In this guide we will show you how to take care of orchids, precious ornamental plants of indisputable beauty. They adapt well to apartment life but need special care.

Like all plants, in fact, orchids also have specific vegetative needs that accompany them throughout their cycle of development, rest and flowering. In this regard, here how to take care of orchids at home in the best way.

How to take care of orchids, the instructions

  • If the plant has too large roots that protrude from the pot, repot it as soon as possible to prevent the plant from dying: just extract the plant from its container full of orchid bark, remove the roots that are already dead and proceed with repotting together with the soil and orchid bark. Before proceeding, carefully wash the chosen jar with water and bleach, in order to eliminate all traces of fungi and bacteria. For more information | How to repot orchids
  • If the plant is too exposed to direct heat sources, move it immediately: the roots could dry out when exposed to the air
  • Do not wet the orchids too much: the roots could rot easily
  • Do not use the watering can but sprinkle water with a diffuser around the pot: just wet them a little and often, even up to 4 times a week. Better if it is rainwater since the chlorine contained in tap water is the worst enemy of orchids.

How to take care of orchids, alarm bells

  • If you notice yellow leaves, it means that there is too much light, so proceed as soon as possible to find another location for the plant.
  • If the leaves curl up and no shoots form, the plant has little light, so it will be best to move them to a south-facing room.
  • If you find spots on the leaves and flowers, it is a sign that the plant is "cold" and should be moved to a warmer place.

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